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KX Project Drivers + MTA

Guest T(+)rget

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Well as soon as you try running MTAClient.exe it crashes.

Must be some form of incompatibility with kxmixer + MTA. I don't particularally want to install KX drivers right now, I'll do it later on in the week.

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Yes when starting up the actual client it crashes.

Like I previously said I'll install the KX drivers on Wednesday and give you the proper error message displayed when starting up the client.

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Interesting whats your soundcard? Which drivers are you using 3537? Do you have the KX mixer tray active as well?

Mine is a SoundBlaster Live! Value

The only reason I brought this attention here is because it works fine with GTA:VC, HL1 + 2, BattleField, Black & White, GameSpy, X-Fire.

Awhile ago with MTA v0.3RC2 I had a similar problem but I couldn't remember what I did to make it not work. Until last week when I install KX Drivers and MTA client crashed instantly.

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