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Hello to all!

Guest mattcyn

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Yes, hello to you all.

I recently heard about Multi Theft Auto and was interested in it. I wanted to sign up before I got it.

I have all the GTAs on PlayStation and PlayStation 2. I know I need the PC versions for this so after work is a trip to the mall (I love gift certificates).

I always wanted a world to just walk around in the GTA style so this looks really cool.

Personal: I had a small GTA site at one point (based on the Invision boards) it wasn't that popular so it was shut down. I do, however, have a very successful wrestling forum site which I won't specify the link to as I don't know if advertising is allowed.

Can't wait to grab my software and see you all in there.

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/me wonders who's going to tell him the difference in lag and cheating.


Tell me what?

MTA is a beta and hence sometimes strange things happen that look like cheating but aren't. It's common for new users to think certain bugs are cheating. There are real cheaters of course, but it takes a bit of experience to tell the difference (unless they are obviously cheating).

That's set to change in the upcoming MTA Blue though: http://www.mtablue.info

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heya ....

yeh im still kinda new ...and learning ..but i have learned to notice a cheat wen i see 1 ...(i was an admin 4 a little while ..)

but after u get used to how the game works/is played ..u will no what a cheater looks like and what a glitch is ...but at 1st its really confusing ...

but its a great game ...

and i hope u have as much fun playing it as i do :)

and its a bit different to the normal gta single player ....

i was in for a shock wen i went from ps2 to pc versions ..(this is the 1st pc game i played ) and the controls r heaps diff to the ps2 1s... :S ..lol

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