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{RG}: Revolver Gunmen (mercenaries)


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I have been a member of many clans in my long life on MTA- and it has to be said, after sampling many "standard" clan rules, regulations and fighting styles, I have tired of all this cliched play.

I played counter-strike for a while, and the clan play on there, while less community orientated is far more varied, as there are many "types" of clan...

And so, I'm starting MTA's first ever mercenary clan- we will have very few spots available, as each member will be a specialist in a single area. Because of this, I'm limiting the clan to 6 members to start with (so we can all fit in a van)

The current spots available are (discounting myself):






MELEE/CLOSE RANGE (shotguns and melee etc)

I believe that a crack-team style clan would not only be more effective in matches, but it also uses less server space, and as we are a merc clan this is REQUIRED.

You see, a mercenary clan work for other clans (ususally changing to their tag for a match), in conjunction with the other clans on the server.

They do this for some kind of reward, ususally a server IP or password, or help from another clan in a match- or of course, to help the underdog.

An example of an underdog match would be like KFC versus CE, where the mercenaries would be obliged to help the CE, as they would be the underdog, being a smaller (and dare I say it, less skilled) clan.


1. Honour

You hear frequent bullshit about honour, but honour can be put into a certain frame with the {RG}- we will not help an established clan to crush a small clan (unless the reward is good enough- i.e. a private server password). We will also not be using the various glitches that VC has, as that is REALLY lame

2. Unity

Once you're an {RG}, you've got allies. Conflicts of personality can be worked out, and no-one can be forced to leave the clan by another member.

3. Contracting

Contracts with the {RG} are non-breakable. For example, if a clan gives us something not to fight them, we don't fight them. And except in extraneous circumstances a contract will not be violated, for example, mutany in the middle of a clan match will not be tolerated.

Reply here either to badmouth my clan, or to apply. I don't give a sh*t if you slag me off, cos this idea has been in the working for a LONG time.

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Sounds really nice :)

but one thing i dont really understand..is this team like..a combination of other clanmembers..or do you want to recruit new player with no clan?

*perhaps its explained..but i didnt find it..either im to lazy or my english is too bad..apoligize for that :P

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:shock: Well, no- of course they can't. That's dishonourable, and disrupts unity. Oh, and btw- any requests to join can be dealt with with my new system, on the site. Just click "Request To Join", and it'll come up with a form. The ICQ isn't necessary.
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