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Something like HLTV

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this sort of thing could be done by someone who can stream video while they are ingame as a spectator. But the bandwidth it would take would require a godlike connection/pc. or are you talking about a type of client that connects to the server and acts like a server itself that the viewers would log into and have their game controlled

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i mean that spectators connect to the MTATV server and can watch the match in spectator mode. the MTATV Server would connect to the gameserver in spectator mode und sent the coordinates and weapon status of players to the players.

it's the same like HLTV.

the spectator @ MTATV server can switch their view like in a normal spec mode^^

sorry for my bad english xD

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your english is fine.

That would be pretty cool and it would take less bandwidth than having a bunch of spectaters connecting directly to the game server.

I doubt It will be done by the mta team though, as it would be a project that requires a lot of time and effort, and they work hard enough as it is on mta itself

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Translation from Canadian to English:

i heard about hltv. if vctv was made better it would be 'cool'er. maybe we can add this seperatly for mta 0.5.1, and call it Vice City TV, and then it wud be cool.

/me slaps Master73

DO u still know nothing about mta at all?

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