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We want racing in VC - DM!!


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/me wants racing in VC in DM mode. A spawn point for starting racing can be Sunshine auto)) Like in single player. And more than 3 tracks. And you can add ability to choose not only tracks, but number of laps

And I want some missions for money, like in gta3:SSV.

The most simple: to take a car and take it to other place ( this game can be comand, o can be not)

Why Bloodring and Hotring are not orgonized ? You made MTA turizmo, it's mean you can make Hotring and Bloodring! May be even not to organize Bloodring, but hotring have to be! Why there are no more hotring bangers ? I think, they have to be.

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In the server i play in (Ankeborg's Playground - RPG) we organize streetracing ourselves...

just come in game, ask your friends if they wanna streetrace or if u got no friends just type /me organizes a streetrace: , and u can put some other properties for your race.

on RPG servers, because the special RPG script, we have "money" that isnt shown ingame but can always b checked by typing !money... So for the streetracing - what we do is - all the loosers pay 500$ to the winner (d'pends ofwhat do we set as price...).

so u know, it can b eazily made... Try it yourself.. ;)

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That is a plausible suggestion Warrior...

Perhaps as money will now play a role in VC DM in the next version, hopefully the team will implement turismo like it in GTA3.. They haven't commented on this, but I believe it's something that might happen. :wink:

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we should have street raceing in Vice City.

way to contribute to the conversation :roll:

anyways, racing seems like something that would more likely be put in a stunt mode than dm, either way it would be nice. I am particularly fond of the checkpoint races rather than a set route.

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