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Establ;ished clan needed for clan ties

Guest boxman80

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Hi, I'm the founder and current leader of the BSB Network clan (Better Stronger Better), http://www.bsbnetwork.net. We are a Counter Strike Source clan, and have been established since 2002, previously supporting the rainbow six series of games.

We are looking to expand , or at least have close ties with a clan,thats already established in MTA. Because of our primary comitment to CSS we obviously dont have time to set up and arrange a MTA clan. But obviously since we are an established clan ourselves we can gurantee a regular flow of reliable and friendly members.

We are a well organised and reliable clan and we are likely to have around 5-10 members (including myself) initially interested in joining an MTA clan. But this number is likely to increase should the gaming take off, and as our numbers increase in CSS (we averaged at 130 members at anyone time in R6) as will the interest in our "sister" MTA clan.

Obviously we are only intrested in some joint venture with an existing clan where by we can promote each other and help support each other where possible. We currently have just under 30 members, many of which have/are getting GTAVC -MTA. Our core members are mainly between 20-40 years old, so its a relatively mature clan so we are expecting the same from our MTA counterpart. Our memebrs are from all over the world , but at the moment most are from the UK and the USA.

If you have a clan that would be interested in a partnership withthe BSB Network, please contact me at the follwoing address;-


or swing by our forum on our website and leavfe me a message thre.


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Does anyone actually read these peoples threads anymore...or is it just "good luck" + 1 on the post count :roll:


wow a clan coming from CS:S to MTA...theres something you don't see everyday :D

it's mostly a friendly community now some "people" don't tend to play anymore ;) but i think it will take a while for you to adjust from CS:S to MTA as they are two very different games, although MTA is great if you play it right and with the right people.

Just learn the basics, don't get too fustrated and just play. You'll soon learn of the gangs of mta....;)

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when i read this guys post, i immediately thought "DNA". :lol:
lol coming from cs to mta which is beta is rare. :shock:

we did the opposite went from mta to cs, we could probably have a match in either cs or mta sometime. :)

GL with your clan.

exactly my thoughts 8)

we should get in contact with you guys and have some css (and mta) matches

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