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If you played Enemy Territory with m8s, then you'll know how useful are fireteams. It allows you to group with some other persons, you can chat with them all at once using 'Fireteam chat' button, and you can also see their HP and location.

If it could be added, it would definatly improve gangwars :wink:

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A very good idea. Especially the team chat. I don't like to use public chat to announce to my team where we'll meet, but it's really annoying to have to PM each teammate if we have more than two people on a team. And being able to see health points and location would make it very fun too. I think that maybe this would work as a script....

I reckon the hp and location would be a semi-easy thing to add.(But I know jack about scripting, so for all I know it could be very hard) I've seen the scripts on servers where you can check the hp and location of another player. Maybe someone could implement something like that into the script? Like !teamloc [player] could show you and the rest of the team where that player is, and !teamhp [player] could show you and the rest of team what that player's health is. Maybe you could also type multiple player names to get the location or hp for all of those players rather than type each one individually.

Team chat maybe would be harder, because you'd have to designate the team members. Maybe another script command, like !createteam [name] to create the team, and then !addteammate [player] to add a player, !removeteammate [player] to remove a player. If you want to disband the whole team, then just !disbandteam. Again, maybe you could type multiple player names after a command.

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Early hopes for 0.5 included team scorebaord/scoring, Team Tag Colours, Team Chat, friendly fire off etc. Obviously this never panned out. I'm afraid such changes are very very unlikely to appear in 0.5.x as they would involve major changes.

Im not going to say the usual Blue thing because its becoming cliched.

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i think this is an excellent idea

we'll just wait to see what happens

maybe a script for it could be implimented with some of these features

however i highly doubt the the team chat think would be able to be put into a script

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