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can't connnect to any servers

Guest eeeeeeee

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Hi I'm new and I can't connect to any server. I click on connect and the computer sais Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)

Please someone: help!

An Internet connection is required to play MTA.
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I'm also having the same problem. I have a cable connection speed and i do have a no-cd crack, but i dont get how that should interrupt with anything. Much help would be appreciated. :( Though, i dont have a problem running a server, just keep getting connection timeouts, so it has to be somethin'.

PS: This is for VC

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Ok, here's some stuff to try:

  1. Check the server is actually up - try the official server Here, I know that server is up.
  2. Disable any firewalls you may have - for example the XP built-in firewall which 'helpfully' turns itself on, you just need to unblock the MTAClient.exe from it

I don't really have any more suggestions :(

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