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After years away from scripting I was craving to get back into Multi Theft Auto.

I always thought it would have been cool if the cars radios were 3D so you could hear them as they drive by.

After looking at the new features in MTA I noticed its now possible to have 3D radio.

Then I found out the files aren't exactly listenable and needed to be scripted back together so here 4000 lines later I present to you

KWK3DRadio :)

This resource makes the car radio 3D so other players hear the music in your vehicle and you hear theirs.

This resource uses every audio file in GTASA and patches them back together into realistic sounding random stations with dj babble, station ids and more.

If your server runs a weather changing script then the dj might mention incoming weather.

There is stuff you haven't heard since you played the game in single player :)

It adds a few stations from the web as well !!

Warning you must have the original sound files installed with the game for this resource to work properly.


   Press < or > to switch stations.
   Press ? for next/random track(GTA stations only).
   Press M to change SFX modes.
   Scroll Wheel or Press +/- for volume.


   Type /radio - for help.
   Type /radio all - for all stations plus extras.
   Type /radio gta - for only gta stations.
   Type /radio stations - for stations with no extras.
   Type /radio web - for only web stations.
   Type /radio fav - to favorite the current station.
   Type /radio unfav - to clear the favorite setting.
   Type /radio display - to toggle display off and on.
   Type /radio <url> - to use your own url.
   Type /headphones - for client side portable radio.

click below to download or join KWKSRV in your MTA server browser to try it.


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I tried to create a similar resource a while ago, but got stopped on the problem, that I found no stable way to play one track after another one without any clipping between (e.g intro & song; or song & outro). I see you just start the next part before 50ms - haven't tried this script yet, but is it always stable on your machine - i.e you don't hear any delay or overlapping when next track part is started?

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This resource has been updated to replace old dead web based stations and many bug fixes.

I highly recommend trying it again if you had issues with it in the past.

Happy Halloween >:(

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I just wanted to mention a huge update for this resource.

KWK 3D Radio 2.5.

I nearly did a complete overhaul of it and now finally this thing runs smooth.

i have taken out nearly ever bug i can think of at this point.

You now have full control over the Volume and see the Knob turn when you crank it up.

You can turn on cool Sound effects,.

You can now set a preference of GTA or Web stations, Fav and more.

Just in time for Christmas !! Enjoy :D Please rate it if you love it.


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