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Aiming anim

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It is not possible to recreate a proper aiming animation because they use inverse kinematics, and currently there isn't any scripting functionality to control that. Therefore, you must use one of these workarounds:

  1. Forcing the aiming to be in first person. This is the simplest solution, and it looks alright if well executed. If you don't see your own arms, why bother in applying an aiming stance? However, you will disrupt players who like the 3rd person aiming of GTA.
  2. Applying a generic aiming stance and rotate the ped along its height according to where he aims. This doesn't look that nice, and another player won't be able to tell if the player aims to the sky or the floor, but it is another possibility nevertheless. This is not a difficult thing to do if you have some maths knowledge.
  3. Giving the player a default, invisible weapon to aim, but hide it and let the custom weapon operate instead. This will give you the most similar to GTA: SA 3rd person shooting experience, but I find it more difficult than the second workaround. You choose!
  4. Creating vertex shaders which replicate an IK system. I even doubt that this is possible, and I don't have enough knowledge to program something like this, but if you somehow manage to do it you will be able to create any animation for any character from stratch. So complex, but very powerful.

About aiming animations already offered by GTA, you can check out this list of animations and try some until you find the one you like most.

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Let's say that you for example like the animation WEAPON_sniper, inside the SNIPER block (which, by the way, doesn't allow the player to move while playing). You can't make the player arms go up and down as the player aims up or down, but you can use setElementRotation to make the player face a certain direction: if he aims north, rotate the ped north; if he aims south, rotate the ped south, and so on.

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