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i'm looking for a cop rpg clan or a clan who needs security


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'Police role'? well we are the original Vice City Police. We dont necessarrily go into servers as cop spawns and fight - any spawns are allowed. Also, we tend not to play rpg, as in killing when sum1 'breaks the law' but we tend to pull the trigger on site

you will however be trained to your potential (if you arent already) and will participate in gangwars against other gangs. VCP is a gang that started from 0.1 and is one of the most old and respected gangs. If you'd like to join:


or catch us on IRC for a quicker response


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i'm looking for any police role playing clan or any clan that needs a security guard. willing to play whenever needed i can also run a server

I suggest you go into a some clan servers and get some hands on experience in each clans way of doing things. This way you can be sure they meet whatever standards you have/are looking for.

I personally dont recruit members who try to get in the clan from the forums.. i prefer to see 1st hand how players play, and then i can be sure if their skill is high enough and if they have any personality traits i like/dislike.

Most clans have servers these days.. id ask around if i were u ;)

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