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Grenade / Molotov sync


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i was thinking this through the other day, and i cant find a similar suggestion anywhere on the forums.

(this is going to be hard to explain :D)

when the attacking player, holds down the firebutton to charge a grenade/Molo, an internal counter (distance) should start.

So when the attacking player releases the button, the counter stops at a certain number, and send that number to the attacked player, so the attacked player gets the (somewhat) same distance as the attackers molo/gren on his screen.

i havent got a clue on how to do programming, but i dont think this sounds like a difficult task.. (lynch me if it is)

hope someone understood this, so they can explain to the rest :D

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Well you wouln't really have to do it that way.. in GTA when you throw a molotov / nade it automatically keeps track of how far it will go, and gives the projectile the correct velocity components and angles... A better way would be to wait for blue, and just sync the acutal nade / molotov particles themselves OR just send the component / angle data that GTA calculates to the cleints. There woudlnt really be any reason to add another time to keep track of toss distance.


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