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I've updated to version 1.1

Reset game path.

I have the original gta-vc.exe and have the disc inserted.

I press start game, chose the .exe but it doesn't launch.

The 'start game' goes unhighlighted = i've started the game.

But the program just doesn't open.


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nope, i updated it because 1.0 didn't work.......

sigh i really want to play MTA...

i'm very sure it's not the legality ?

Cos my friend had a pirated copy and he got no problems.....

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oh and 1 more thing

SOMETIMES when i first opened the MTA for the day...

it appears about the ddwin.exe error....

i pressed ok

try opening mta again, it opened without the error ...

can somebody explain what is going on and how do i fix, i really can't wait to play online :!:

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