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Radio Syncronization


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I have an Idea that would probably be pretty easy to implement in all GTA's.

It's simple: when GTA starts up, it randomizes the position in each radio file, so you don't always hear the radio's from the begining each time.. All mta has to do, is reset the file positions when you connect in the mta client.. the server can keep track of each radio, and only one packet has to be sent to NEW clients only.. which means there will be virtually no bandwith lost. So when lazlow cracks a joke, everyone can give their two-cents. A simple idea, that would make it pretty cool.

Also, when you ride with someone, when you first enter the car, that player should ping you the radio station they are on, (very very low bandwidth, virtually none) and when they change in as well, so you listen to the drivers preference.

This would be cool, because you'd be hearing the same thing as the driver of the car.

Mp3 stations would not be synced.

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i think this has been mentioned before, with eai replying 'blue, blue, blue'. it was a topic by slothman. synced radio times would be easy enuff to do, which would be cool, i dont think the 'pinging' the passenger is necessary, there wudnt be much point putting effort into keeping the same radio station in the car with little outcome

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ive mentioned this before too... but this particular idea doesnt take into account that ppl listen to diff radie st's.. would be funny if ure a passenger in a car and the driver changes the station ure listening to and it took effect for the passengers too.. although it would be annoying in a way i guess.

I guess this stuff will be syncable in blue :)

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