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I need help with GTA3:MTA


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ok if Multi Theft Auto wasen't added automaticly to your list of games, click 'filter' in the ASE window, and scroll down on 'uninstalled games' you can then auto browse for the client exe.

- Afterwards you click Multi Theft Auto on the games list, and press F5 to refresh the list, remember to choose a GTA3:MTA game, and not a Vice City one.

You could also use the inbuilt server browser, click 'servers' in the connect dialog and the client will refresh them for you.

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/me slaps scorp/tali

You could just use the browser built into the client. On the client window, click "servers", filter to GTA3 (and pick the island) and then "find servers". Then just click "name" "players" "ping" "country" etc, to sort them according to those categories.

If you still want ASE (this is an alternative MTA team built for everyone), you can still try and make that work. This should work for you however.

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