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Big problem with mouse in game!NEED HELP!!!

Guest RistoR

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If i install usual GTA:VC(singel player) and go in game then mouse works BUT when I install MTA0.5 and go play then my mouse doesnot work in game and if I try to play GTA:VC singel player again then mouse does not work there to :( It`s so anoying to reinstall the whole thing over and over hoping that somthing would change but no luck yet :evil: can somebody help plzz?? :?

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i dont have any joysticks and my mouse type is Logitech Mx900(the optical bluetooth mouse) but i have tryed tiferent mice too but no luck

but its getting wierder... last nigth i installed diferent type of MTA0.5(dovloaded from different place) and now iif i psess enter at intro video it kicks me out :evil: CAN SOMEBODY GIVE ME ADRESS WERE TO DOWNLOAD NORMAL MTA0.5???plzzzzzzzzzz :oops:

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