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Deadly Night Assassins Clan Videos


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:arrow:DNA Clan Videos

I open this section by releasing the 1st Video which is also a DNA clan promotional video:

1) [DNA]Jakkass MTA 0.5 Pwnage Video -


2) [DNA]Jakkass Dodo Teaching Video


There will be more videos to come in this thread thanks for coming to look

8) These Videos are copyrighted by Deadly Night Assassins 2005 :wink:

DNA Clan Site

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yay haha nice music and stunt with dodo etc, and nice pwnage at the end

...U call that pwnage? lol..

pff sry but this video wasnt very good..the plane was just boring..

Those stunts would be ok if u landed them correct but u didnt and that fight @ the end was a practise fight for the real thing or sumthing?? hmm I guess the music was ok :lol:

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try making vids?

lol I did..but thats months ago and the website that had them (gamersalliance)

renewed everything a while back so the vids are gone..and my old comp broke down..(If someone remembers me and maybe downloaded my vids on their comp and still has them PM ME!!)

Hey on your next video (if your gonna try another one) maybe create sumthing more special..everyone knows the plane and its not really spectacular, the stunts could be landed correct or stunt without speed mods..

And the kill scene could finish faster and have some more kills in it :)..

You could make a storyline since its a promotional video :)

just take your time when you make the vid.

cya..btw: sry if I pissed you off. first vids are to be learned from :D

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Nice to see another vid. Although I think you could've spent more time on editing your movie, like put some fading between scenes and synch it a bit with the music. It gets so much better to watch if just a bit of the action in the vid is synched with the music :)

- 'nuff said, I'm a video newb myself :lol:

Thanks for the plug in the end xD

a lot of GTA3 media is being released, that's kool, shows how much popular the game is again!

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