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Packet loss


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When did this started to happen? Have you told your hosting service that you are experiencing a packet loss problem?

From my own experience, the most frequent cause of packet loss is some kind of hardware or networking problem or limitation, so I don't think MTA has something to do with it.

Anyway, you shouldn't be worried that much about some packet loss if it doesn't affect your players, availability or bandwidth. It could just be that your network is discarding some traffic that it thinks it is unimportant, and sometimes it fixes itself after some time.

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That screenshoot on Windows Server 2012 looks definitely better than the first one, in terms of packet loss. However, you can't expect packet loss to be 0% in a popular server like yours, because providing that there are >150 players online, there is the possibility that some clients could have a network problem at their end. For example, players in Egypt are known to have some trouble playing MTA: SA.

Like I said, I would recommend you to talk about this with your hosting provider, so they can check where is the fault. In addition, you can also check your packet loss per player, considering their country and ISP, so you can track down the problem further or at least have some insight of what is exactly happening. Finally, it could also be an issue with your new installation of Linux, so you should double check that the built-in HTTP server is working fine and the operating system and programs are all well configured.

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No problem :)

Server CPU and memory usage weren't influenced by packet loss, I guess. Anyway if Windows server gives less problems to you there is nothing bad in using it instead of Linux. Nowadays Windows Server is pretty stable and well suited for reliable servers.

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Can you verify whether players also get that packetloss, practically?

Go ingame and type: /shownetstat

Look at the percentage packetloss. Then post here if it matches or shows zero to unsignificant packetloss on client.

Get multiple players to do this (several regions) and tell you their packetloss values

If you test it with your own MTA, and see a significant client packetloss, hold left CTRL while having that /shownetstat graph open and take screenshots of the details in there, do that multiple times with interval and post atleast 5 screens of that display here.

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We have exactly the same problem.

With Linux there is more packetloss, its like an interrupt or something that causes MTA Server to use 1 core at 100% fully for a brief period. MTA Server prefers windows for some reason.

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