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Played 6hours and now says suspected trainer and i aint got


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Well this how goes i played like 6hours off on get odd suspedted trainer and now i cant even get into a server without it saying suspected trainer disconected i reinstalled put patch in put mta to v1.1 go into server and almost get into game then i get it. Plz help[/b]

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okey when I open it up says trainer in useage pops up then after i do get into it just has mtaclient error i click yes then takes me to another mtaclient and says"ERROR: Unable to copy 'weapons.mta' to 'weapons.data'.\r\n\r\nYou may want to do this manually. Continue? i press yes then Another mtaclient error saying You are running a modified version of the MTA Client. Please reinstall. press okey uninstall reinstall and same deal all over uninstall both vc and mta install both vc first and same deal all over any suggestions plz

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why it always shows me "Disconnected: Suspected trainer usage!"?

I do not use trainer!

There's no need to post the same thing in 3 different threads. I've already replied to it in one of the other ones, and also the best way of getting help is posting a new topic altogether, rather than posting your problem in someone elses.

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