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THH clan recruiting!!!


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actually b4 they jpoined bTK they said if i eva made a clan they would join, so when i made a clan they joined so i didnt really steal them and since when did THH ever have anything to do with GL i know like one person from GL and thats it and ive never been in GL so THH is nothing to do with GL. Oh and thanks for the good luck.

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yeh jack despite leaving =bTk= and stealing some of my members = good luck :?

Is that true?

So what man ? who said u cant recruit members from other clan this is a free world but its not apperciatable that u recruite people on there own servers better get msn ids and chat i think people should not recruit on the servers that is not cool at all.

And again snake why are you mad it just means that your clan members are not loyal to you plus its time to let them go . I dont mind if someone recruits a member from my clan that just makes the other clan cheap clan in my eyes and i dont go bashing there heads or posting here and there you stealers or stuff that is cheap. But anyways wanted to say that people need to be mature to play mta and make clans.

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