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EUNA (VC) : mfC won - Season 1

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Hey Guys,

I'm starting a new league - like the MTA Premiership but has some changes.

Requirements To Enter:

Each Clan Must Have Their Own 100Mbit Hosted Server

Each Clan Must Have At Least 5 Active Members

Each Clan Must Be Fair (No Cheat, Glitch, Modding and Stuff)

Each Clan Must Be on MTA Forums

Changes From MTA Premiership:

- Instead of Permanent Fixtures, Clans Will Have To Communicate through each other to get a date and time scheduled within a deadline

- It will be a knockout, Clans will be randomly picked and will have to communicate to have a clanwar scheduled

- There tournament has no leader, as all clan leaders control the league.

- There should be No Whining, Complaining or Bitching otherwise players will get warnings and 3 warnings make a Ban.

- You are not allowed to jump out of a heli whilst in midair

Clanwar Rules:

- 5v5's

- 3 Rounds (Attack/Defend/FFA)

- Base Must Be Reachable By Foot

- At least 1 Defender must stay at base

- One Life Only (Once Dead Out Of Round)

- Base Must Not Have Interior Graphics

- Crash in Battle/Time-out/Pop-up = Out Of Round

- Match Must Be Refereed by a Clan Leader

- Cop Shotgun Only Pickup

Participating Clans:

[FKU] - Canada

=bTk= - United Kingdom

[DNA] - United Kingdom

mfC_ - Finland

iM_ - Italy

EM - Europe

dhG - Portugal

=PCP= - Poland

>SIS< - Netherlands

(THH) - United Kingdom


[NS] - USA

~UL~ - Netherlands

[MOB] - Europe

[FMJ] - United Kingdom

Waiting For Approval:

[XII]/-XII- - Netherlands

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