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Message to Creators of GTA3 - MTA!

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Thank-god there are smart People out there that can code a program to be able to do this... :lol:

I could not have dreamed of GTA3 being multiplayer! It's somethimg thats always lingered on the back of my brain!

I annoys me so bloddy bad that because of sony it has caused the ceased operation of having Multiplayer built in to GTA3 :cry: ... Play Station I & II suck :x . PC Rules!

I have played GTA Multiplayer with version .2 and had no problems it was fun but did have some problems with car sync etc... but from the looks of version .3 things will be a heap better and more fun!

just a question I have noticed that in some screenshoots on this Forum have the radar map showing dots for other players... is that part of .3 or a Radar Mod?

Thanks Guys keep up the good work! :wink:

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