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Question about find MTAVC Mod

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hey. I'm kinda new to MTA, so thanks to anyone who can help me in advanced! I have my own server that I use for mtavc. I recently played on someone elses sever by finding it through All Seeing Eye (or whatever it's called). This person's server had some sort of a mod that displayed car statistics, player statistics, allowed the user to change weather, showed kill/death rates, and much more! Is this something I can download and install on my own server? If it is, can someone tell me where I can find it? I looked into something MTAVC:GRS or something like that. Is that what I need? Thanks!!


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i dont get it why use olis script i havent used it for 2 months now cause its too laggy for me. :lol:

well some people just cant be bothered or dont know HOW to make there own scripts.

so oli made a script (GRS) wich is now the best released script for features ect.

also blade - u tryed getting a faster pc ;)

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