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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (a stupid question)!!!

Guest IETS567

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maybe this question has been aked a couple of times. Well my problem is if i want to connect to a server doesnt what for server it always says connection timed out. and iam using a.s.e.. snd iam so f*cking anfry that it doesnt work because i like it playing gta vc online. HELP ME PLZ!!! thnx :D

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-ive got 4000 kbits/sec DSL

-the problem comes up by every server

-ive got a norton internet security firewall and a modem hardware firewall

-and i dont have a router

well whats the problem (do u need system specs to)

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okay, with the firewall off, and no router, we can forget that.

-do you have a spyware removal tool? if not, get one and clean any spyware out. if you do, then you might have to reinstall tcpip or winsock.

-can you connect to a server you host yourself?

-heres something to try:

with service pack 2: go into a dos prompt, type in this:


netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

netsh winsock reset


reboot, and see if it keeps happening.

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