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why gta3's islands arent togheter?

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There was a [poll] a long time ago when GTA3:MTA was under development, where the community was asked if they wanted to have all three islands in one map, or single maps that were configurable in the server config.

The first method would require some kind of teleportation to the next island in order for it to be synched, because it was difficult to handle the loading of new islands in Liberty City in multiplayer. This would also take much more time to get working, rather than sticking to the single maps.

- and guess what? The community wanted single maps.

Trust me, if they could make it one city, they would have.

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I think one island is perfect for 32 players, you get some really good fights happening really often.

Also, even if they could find a good way to syncronise the island swapping, it still wouldn't be great due to the carlimit. If you have played on staunton, look at the amount of cars on there (not enough) and think what it'd be like if they were spread between 3 islands.

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I wish they would keep it just like it is where you spawn on only one island per server but...

I wish they could open the bridges

You can fly to other islands and fight there if you want I think it would be cool to drive around the whole place

I get why its not like that thou

It would take 100 years to find someone if they wanted to run

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u can fly to other islands and in the latest version you are able to get out and have a fight on different islands and u can synch the dodo thats invisible by pressing the delete key which makes u get in as passenger and when u exit u can see the players. So that gives the players choice to try different islands with dodo skills and have a private fight

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dodos syncing on other islands is a hit or miss situation, there doesn't seem to be any good tricks for it. the biggest problem I find is when a dodo blows up while desynced (ie: on another island) then there are problems with the syncing of that dodo till someone restartrs gta3. Ever see someone flying a pickup truck like a dodo? It used to mean someone was cheating, buit now it can be caused by desync.

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yeah. a lot of problems seem to be caused by crossing islands already, and thats just with dodos. if cars could do it, then it would be chaos.

jumping servers is the best option for now. if you want to explore other islands, the safest way is to do it alone, make sure the dodo comes back with you, and be prepared to restart your game afterward if need be.

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If this were to happen, it wouldn't be good because there would be for example 6 on each island and the rest trying to drive around/take the train/fly dodos (depending what they want to do). Its better to keep close on one big island. We all know SA will have one island on a server because its so big(if mta sa can be made).

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actually, sa doesnt have any changeovers, so If it works for mta, then there will more room than people can handle.

due to the sheer size of SA, I'm sure the MTA team have some major rethinking to do.

I forget how i voted during that poll way back, But now i kinda favor the 3 islands 3 server method. we get more cars and way morechoice of how to play. (though staunton is boring)

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basically the only thing special about it is that you can get money for stunts and unique stunts work as well, which is great, but it lacks the ammunation radar (they all point to the portland ammunations) and any other improvements over portland.

btw: the staunton ammunations that i have found are phils place, the ammunation, and the dojo. there may be more, i dont see em though

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the difference is the way your put from 1 island to the other. apparently vc uses a different way that makes it possible to sync in mta. gta3 however cant be done. according to the mta team the only way to make it possible would be to have teleports to go between islands. there was a vote, they decided to do 1 island per server. the community has spoken

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1 island = more cars grouped, more weapon pickups grouped, and more action. It would be much harder to get these things if all 3 islands were open.

Its like sacrificing land for resources, but at least you can still choose all the lands.

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No, there is a limit to how much vehicles the game engine can take, since everything is synched it strains the GTA3 engine even more, (notice the flashing sky and sea at times, those are caused by a strained engine.)

The MTA team has put as many vehicles in that they see fit to make the game run stable, I highly doubt it's possible to cram 3x of the cars in one islands into the whole map.

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....but...is'nt it possible to add more cars and weapons? i've seen that in mta-vc stunt there are a loooooooooot of cars and bikes...isn't it possible having it also in gta-3? if it was so we could have all islands with more cars

im sure all of this stuff has been mentioned before...

gta3's engine is more limited than VC's, and thus cannot support as many vehicles. if you put in too many, you'll strain the engine and get effects like multi-colored skies, colorless cars, etc... MTA:GTA3 0.4.1 suffers from this problem.

the problem with having all of the islands open at once is that they dont know of an orderly way for players to transfer from one island to another. plus, given the limited number of cars the GTA3 engine can hold, the cars would have to be stretched extremely thin accross the 3 islands.

EDIT: opps he beat me to it by 7 minutes. damn i type slow :cry:.

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