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and again another personal attack, but hey iv lost count so il move on to the more valid point

posting for postcount, everyones already in the thousands pretty much, i dont think anybody really cares about postcount, at least i sure as hell dont, i cant tell u what mine is right now (without clicking back and looking at it) simply because its not that damn important

your right, my gang thread is half the size of kfcs. do i give a shit? no. does it matter? no. does it make any difference in the quality of our gangs that might be different if the threads were one page each? no

as far as owning other gangs goes, if having a large thread helps own another gang then id love to know one person who thinks that... because thats a pretty messed up mentality and a forum rule based on said mentality is unfair to the other users

as far as the rest of your post, il sum it up "if u dont like it dont use it"

that seems to be the theme here, so mmk, i guess il have to create a private forum after all, thanks

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delete our thread at 40 pages. i don't care. post count means nothing to some of us(obviously lol 33) .all i ask is that i have time to save the first post (which i have the latest copy of anyway) i'm gonna start recording our scores/important info as it comes up and probably add it into the first post. My question is, if your gonna delete our thread at 40 pages anyway, can we spam away? just give me some notice before its gone. But, you should leave the contact the mod option available. just in case we need someone removed.

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I feel along the same lines as DB and Kung on this.

The forum rules are excessive and in no way work.

In essence, free speech is also restricted due to the great 'Spam' crusade.

I agree whole heartedly with your approach to spam and pointless threads, i hope that i myself am not one of your worries.

Making this an 'Info Only' forum will kill it, please do not take that course of action.

I look at my own VCES thread and i do see spam and pointless flaming posts, though not as many as you would expect.

I look at FMJ's thread and i can barely find any problems in it at all.

My thread is 34 and close to the magic '40'.

FMJ is 23 and eventually reach '40'.

First question.

Why 40?

Second Question.

What does deleting FMJ's, my thread, other clan '40' thread's achieve?

My post count is moderate after a year or more of being here, and a clan leader.

I did once get banned for moaning about moderation in this forum.

Before that post i had never, ever been in trouble with any mod at any time.

All in all, why do you feel the need to be so heavy handed 'across the board'?

You penalise all due to a minor core being disruptive, ignoring rules, etc.

Moderation is akin to mediation.

No where else have i ever seen such a regime in action on a forum.

Your rules in themselves do not promote a happy forum, and such an atmosphere created by the 'Rules' helps to keep it under used.

Only regulars and the usual influx of 'never staying' noobs use this forum.

I agree with your policy on rules regarding spam etc.

Leave the innocents alone and moderate like others do elsewhere.

The 40 page rule is a prime example of bad moderation, if it is space you need i have an unlimited supply, just ask.

The rules here are wrong, if you find moderating here difficult, resign and find more pro active, caring replacements.

Nothing personal ;)

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Quig my friend, that is exactly the attitude we don't want moderators to have.

This discussion has been heated, but included many valid points.

It is also an ideal oppurtunity to resolve these issues that have been under the surface all along.

In some respects, we are the 'customers' of MTA and we deserve at least the right to free speech.

As long as it isn't abusive, libellous, racist, homophobic, etc it should be allowed.

The rules here are very restrictive and criticism is frowned upon.

It's not ideal and it certainly isn't effective.

Don't alienate everyone, deal with the specific problems.

The vast majority of threads are not spam filled.

A blanket deletion shows lack of regular care, which allows, over time, a large number of crap in 40 pages.

If you wish to be effective and fulfill the role of 'Moderator' do it on a daily basis, don't just wait a while,then delete everything !

That is lame i'm afraid :?

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it may contain a few valid points but only from 2 or 3 ppl and thats it the rest is just complete bullshit and correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't this thread sum up pretty much what the mods are trying to stop in here


-pointless arguing

-general bullshit

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u guys are fags, no offense

you fucking live for this game, why is it all you worthless jabronis take everything so seriously?

give it up and get a fucking life already, i was gone for liek 4 months, came back, and you assclowns are still crying and bitching over "spam and arguments"

oh no, someone posted something that is off topic on a forum on the internet, lets fucking cry abotu it


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i'm just sayin that a couple of ppl have turned this annoucment into a flame fest....completly pointless

if a mod wants to make a point about something he shouldn't have to deal with shit like this

and im just saying ul fit right in to the crowd, nothing personal but your attitude sounds like exactly what theyre looking for

you get my vote for mod :arrow:

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i dunno, i dont really wana get involved but at the end of the day, the mods r here to enforce rules, they didnt create them, they're just doing their job...

umm they did make the rules in some cases...

Nice we have the "they are just doing thier job" post

Now we just need an Ebaums "arguing on the internet" post and we will be ready for the smartass mod quip and a lock on the thread

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It appears it is for the best, that the gang threads be DELETED after 40 pages. This way you don't have to put up with us unless something bads happening in your thread or you ask us to clean shit out. If you don't contact us about spam in your thread then thats just all the faster the 40 page deletion is coming.

The slight change in heart came after MrBill helped me realize that this isn't working. There have been no PMs from gangs saying "clean my thread". Too many people cling to the ignorance excuse.

I have sucked up to the major gangs for TOO long. Now I say to hell with it, if you want to LEAVE THESE FORUMS... then good riddance. Your leaving-to-harm-the-community threat is no longer valid to me. The top 3 gangs or so are usually corrupt anyways sorry to say (don't even try to argue with me on this one or you will be sorry).

Gangs section is way too much bullshit for us to deal with so lightly anymore. It must be enforced this way. When more of us get ban/post count nuke power, then maybe some of these dumb spammers will realize they can't spam anymore.

NOTE: This is not a nazi power run. I say "I" instead of "We" because I have been the one trying to fix the damn gang threads so much lately, the other mods agreed to the past actions, but this time, this one is my own response, I know some mods will agree.

Well, I do not agree with this. Aggressive, threatening rules with statistics-based punishments are exactly the sort of things which makes members want to rebel against the staff. And quite right too, imho.
What is actually the problem with people posting short, semi-useless posts in there anyway? If that is what they want to use it for, why don't we just let them have it their way? After all, the forum is for them to converse about MTA and the clans they have created and that is more or less what they are doing. Rapidly posting undescriptive sentances is just the way modern kids operate, it's the text-message generation. You won't stop them from doing it. Leave them to it and save yourself the stress of trying to stop them.

Once the new policy has been fully discussed and completed I predict we will see a gradual shift in the use of the boards. It really requires some role-models to be in amongst them posting sensibly. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the staff posts that are made in this forum do not really set much of an example.

Cerbera gets hit by a barrage of staff keyboards.

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some ppl do use the contact the mods link when shit gets out of hand

as for the 40 pg rule...i think its alittle harsh but it looks like theres no other choice atm

I see alittle spam as ok, alitle harmless fun, however when u get arguments that take up like 5 pgs its kills the thread and just makes ppl angry

i've had points where i got pissed off at the mods for doing things but

having this argument is alittle overboard

why not make ur first post, delete all the rest, and lock it

Evem though it is a big risk for me to leave open announcements like that, I feel it much fairer to allow voicing of opinions, I mean mods are more and more representing people, so I shouldn't just silence them if they are pissed.

I apologize for my unprofessional outburst, but maybe you can understand my anger. I know we can't enforce in a good way unless there are basic changes (which I have outlined in the mod forum, if they kick off, rest assured it has nothing to do with silencing the gang forums).

Also, I have not deleted ANY posts here. Just to make that clear. I'm not trying to silence any voice against my first post.

I'm sorry DeathB, that our ideas are not going to be the same, but for the gang forums, this system is not working. If we make a few changes (and mind you we're not trying to harm the gang forums), I think we can moderate it much better.

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ur missing the point that nothing around the gang forums lately has needed moderation methinks, but thats ok...

il wait for your rule changes, hopefully ul take a hint from cerb, ronseal, or kung if u wont from me. and il see where it goes from there

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I talked to DeathB and he liked my new idea... so I guess that means you people can have a little faith in this idea.

So with that said.. I'm locking this thread.

The 40 page rule must stand for now however, until we (hopefully) change the system.

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