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2 things


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one. there is no 40 pages rule stickied that i can see, correct that (note its a gay rule)

two. why is it that we have a 40 pages rule in the first place. who does it benefit? theres 4 if that clans that actively play mta right now and you take away a place for any kind of discusion by enforcing a gay lil 40 pages rule that is without reason or purpose.

unless u want to try and convince me that a thread above 40 pages makes you lag (laugh gimme a break...) or that its taking up to much space in the database (another gimme a break...) i see no reason for it

you say its to cut down on the spammers... thats reverse logic. your punishing the people who dont spam by doing that. ban the spammers keep the threads.

k thnx

p.s. one gay rule down, 40 to go

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In an attempt to fight spam in all its forms, I am enforcing a 40 page limit on all gang threads. Your thread will be locked for 4 days, then deleted. within those 4 days, if you have some info which isnt in the ladder section, which you would like to back up, do so. You will be allowed to create a new thread as soon as the old one is locked. (you may copy the first post of your previous thread)

Maybe you should read the "Forum Rules/Bannings, Ignorance isn't an excuse" thread...

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