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MTa doesnt work on A school LAN network

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Hi i tried playing mta on school on a lan network but because of the mta client is connecting to the site it wont open up the client because it cant get a connection to the site so i prefer why not make a button check news in the mta client so if u wanna check the news/updates just press the buton and then the page connects to the site this will solve a lot of problems with the downtime of the client that are connecting to the site.

So if the site is ofline we still can enjoy mta i hope you really make a fix or use my suggestion but who am i to say that to mta the only thing i can say just REMOVE IT and then we all can have fun.

CYA and greetings

Damn i wished my ip wasnt banned so i can visit much more times this forum now im only visiting the site once a week/month so if a forum admin reads this unbann my ip and i u wanna know my ip send me an personal message and ill send one back to report my ip

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They've already fixed this for the next release, in the meantime you should read The Known Issues Thread There is a temporary solution for you problem.

Crash on client startup

This might be causes by being unable to download the welcome message. This should only happen if the MTA site is down, or you aren't connected to the internet. If this is the case, it should try to download it for about 15 seconds - before it gives the crash. It might be possible to fix this by adding "DontGetLatest=1" on the second line of your "mta.ini" in your MTA folder (under "[Main]"). Alternatively, try creating a blank file called "mtaclientwelcome.dat" in your MTA folder - this is probably only relevant if this is the first time you've run the MTA 0.5 client.

Update: We've managed to replicate, confirm and fix this bug. Whenever we release a general patch, this will be fixed. In the meantime, ensure mtaclient.exe can access the internet through your firewall, or for on a LAN you can change the following value in mta.ini .


I've already enjoyed some LAN fun in MTA 0.5 :)

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You should watch out when downloading things in school computers. I don't think they allow it. But you can get in trouble even if they don't see you. Most computer rooms have a master comuter which can watch every other computer's activity on that network. Sometimes school computers restrict certain things. I have a drafting class in my school and they even have right clicking disabled.

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I think he is saying that he can access it at school, but not at home, his IP may be banned. I would look into this, but my magical admin powers haven't kicked in yet.

K slothman ill say my secret so you know who i was and am.

im now currently on the user [sC] Arcadia but u wont c that im banned with this username but if u look at the usernames that are from me to u will get it and i asked the last times if they just could remove all of my old acount but they said no so if i register a new one they call it bann evading so ill now just get right to the point go to your bans list at this forum and lookup for the user using this ip and u will c. I think u get a list of this user



and maybe one other acount i dont know of but a friend registerd that one for me i think so u know who i was and who i still am and i think for posting this an other admin will bann me directly but dont do that please u always think that i cheat/mod mta but i quited since mtavc 0,2 came out it was more fun to play on official server and doing it the right way u all know that im still registerd at some other places but i never use that forum(s) to get stuff to hack mta i hate it when people cheat and mess up the whole server with bots and exploits so i hope you understand im only here to give advise to people who need it and to give tips to solve problems and like to c the other mods section in here. So now u have it.

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