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can anyone please tell me why it's not working?

Guest lamagra5

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I swear I searched all the post I could to make sure it's not a repost but if it is I'm sorry. I have mta 0.5 and I can connect fine and I can see what everyone is saying, the problem is when I try to start the game, it says "invalid executable. please ensure you have the correct executeable installed", I used the program file gta3.exe as well as the short cut on my desktop and it won't load it up, I"m in the usa so I know it's not the version issue I read about. if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong please let me know, I'll check these forms but just in case my yahoo id is lamagra5, sorry again if this is a repost but made a honest effort to find the soultion myself before I decided to post

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I looked that up and found the patch and tryed to install it and got a error that read "this program cannot update the installed version of GTAIII because of the following reason:

C:\...\GRAND THEFT AUTO (GTA)\gta3.exe: unknown version". So I googled "gta3 patches" and "mta patches" and downloaded all that I could find and tryed those and read all the read me's with no luck still, I've went through a full pack of cigarettes on this problem already, anything else I can try to get it working?

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tried that file you linked and it didn't work, I'm thinking I should take my chances with kazaa, I might get the file working that way along with enough viruses to last me the next ten years, please don't give up on me, I know someone is reading this and knows exactly what to do, it's killing me guys, I want to play with you guys and blow the sh** out of everthing, first guy that helps me get connected I'll tattoo your name on my arm or something for the help

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worked like a charm, I was up till 2am and now I"m about to fall over, thanx for helping me out this is great. it have me a few errors at first but then it allowed me in after i reinstall it again.

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