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Help with MTA .5

Guest {VCD}Clan Leader Rob

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MTA Support board didnt allow me to post, so i had to post here, sorry for inconvienience. Anyway, i load mta .5 client. it works, start 3RD new fresh version of VC. it loads, i click start game, it loads purple bar, gets full, Vice City crashes. Can someone help me? Please? Mta has suddenly started to hate me...again. Lol. You're help and time is most appreciated

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Mmmkay. Thanks. And yes, for a 2-3 week period, i speed hacked on MTA 0.4.1. And i havent hacked in 3 months. :? Im a changed man i tell you!!!

I cant even find hax 4 mta .5

Looks hack proof.

Very good Job MTA crew!


And the change of version worked VCEES. So thank u. A lot! :mrgreen:


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