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Need Some Help W/ MTA RPG Scripts

Guest {VCD}Clan Leader Rob

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Hi there,

This is Rob, leader of the VCD Clan. I need some help from someone out there who can get me a somewhat better rpg script than the stock Cops VS Robbers Script. Or if anyone out there could tell help me learn how to read and write mta scripts, so i can write my own. PLZ Don't think I'm a puss who's just lookin 4 scripts. If you're willin to teach me how to read and write mta scripts, I'm willing to learn. thanks 4 Ur time.

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lol dude try to read the scripts i started my from scratch and one day decided to fuk scripts and i did and managed to become a good editor i can edit almost any script apart from olis cause i dont use olis script at all and is too hi-fi for me lol i have to admit . but for simple scripts u dont need extensive knowledge just edit some few test and test again it takes lots of time dude so get to work today. and its a hassle to teach unless u start urself first look for what if and else loops are in C language u have to follow the simple rules in C language like { } should be at right places and stuff. and try with simple if and else loops and than move ahead its not rocket science i guess. :lol: but for a 15 year old like u i dont know it might be.

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