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0.5 = high ping?

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hi there folks, im on 64k ISDN. yup its shit i know that. please dont respond with "get broadband" cos that is out of the question.

anyway - in 0.4 i had a ping of around 100, sometimes less and often slightly more - and on a full server i was likely to get a ping of 200. i didnt play on full servers.

now in 0.5 i get a ping of 200+ all the time. nothing else has changed - my pc is the same as it was before. nothing has been installed or changed in any way. this is true in UK servers that aren't very full, where in 0.4 i would have had an acceptable ping in order to play.

I wouldnt mind that much but the high ping causes people to call you a cheat, which gets tiresome. but the main problem is it seems i am dropping packets, lots and lots. the chat box becomes unintelligible and often i cant even see what i wrote myself.

I thought i'd bring it to the attention of the devs. I thought 0.5 would have improved ping issues and such, but for me it has been worsened.

I am not expecting there to be a quick fix, but if it could be solved in the next version i would be grateful :) even if it is just for me :wink:

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Same here, but I'm on 56k.

I had a 200-250 ping in smaller servers (10-12 players or less) in 0.4.1 and earlier, which was fairly normal (and at least playable at the time), but now when my ping isn't spiking to 1000, it's pushing 400 in every server I go to. That's pretty ridiculous.

The bandwidth usage seems to have increased in 0.5, and that's not good. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible... otherwise, a lot of people won't be able to play this game anymore.

At least I know that I'm not the only one having issues with this. Slow connection or not, there's no reason my ping should be twice as high as before.

Apart from VC DM, this is the only thing that's holding me back from playing 0.5. Look into it for the next client release, please.

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I would appreciate them doing something about the bandwith usage though.

The bandwith that MTA uses, often forces me too go play some other game that are less bandwith consuming.

Therefor one of the things I'm looking very much forward to in Blue is the improved packets and whatever they have done to reduce bandwith usage.

Also, don't tell me to get a ISP that provides flatrate Inet, it simple isn't avalible in my area :-\

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i have found that 64k is fine on any other game i played, and i was worried at first about it bein ok for MTA.

i was suitably impressed that they were doing a good job at making it an accessible game for everyone, regardless of internet connection.

i have played other games,such as AA and RTCW:ET, and i have no issues with ping

i realise that MTA is a beta, but surely with the improvements it is supposed to be getting better. at this rate ADSL users will be the only people who can play MTA.

which is silly.

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that could be the solution as i dont have it, im in the process of building a new pc and that will have it, cant be arsed to do it to this one.

my new pc should be built by now but overclockers.co.uk have ballsed up and not delivered my RAM, even tho the money is out my bank. and i cant get through to the sales line cos its always busy. and the comedians have their email address as please@phone.us

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i got/had a 2mbit connect while 4.1 was out, and my pings (in partyserver was around 50, average 48. My cable company upgrade their customers highspeed cable from 2mbit to 3mbit for free, i guess a promotion of somekind, and now the same server (except 0.5) my ping is like around 70. to me 70 is a high ping. I dont like it.

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