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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  

My god... This is magnificent!!



I don't even play MTA SA, yet I'm attracted to this. I'm considering getting a PC of some sort, and I'm just coming by to say that you (creator/s) had done an amazing job!



Other than that, I come to ask you to confirm my insecure question; This server will run for a long time, yes?

Because that'll be how long it takes for me to join. And somehow... I always got this nagging feeling about anything exciting usually goes vanish before I can even get a taste. Heh.

No, I'm not trying to jinx.

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Tested this out this morning. I'm hooked!


BUT!! This server needs more exposure. Is MTA SA well known in steam forum or something like that? Maybe you can try to announce it there or something... Maybe persuade some known youtube gamers to go maybe revisit this classic game, and try this server and MTA SA in general?

Okay let me express something:

MAN!! I've been missing a lot this whole time. Wasn't that familiar with MTA SA in the first place, though back in the day, I played SAMP, A LOT.


To see a game as old as 12 years with no multiplayer support, originally..still kicks butt with the fans creating these kinds of thing, is just...mind boggling.


Okay, Battlefield 2 still has Project Reality with it's dedicated players to this day, but with a game like GTA SA...the possibilities are massive. 


And for this server in particular....

I mean for example... I've been dreaming about cannon projectiles trajectory and front/rear armor mechanic for a long time, then all of the sudden...

...you and your team made it happen. Not only that, but you guys went ALL. OUT.

No half-assed effort, no lollygagging. But BAM!! You put your very bests into this.

That said, of course I expect something more in the future. Maybe more content, maybe some fixes and adjustment, whatever... But of course, with community supports and feedback. Thus, I'm hoping for more participants to enjoy this marvelous work. Perhaps..actually, no. I'M SURE, that way, there'll be more crazy ideas, feedbacks, and suggestions to be brought forth and/or implemented in this.


Best wishes to everyone involved in this, MTA team, and last but not least, the players and the community.



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Thanks a lot :D

Yeah I work on fixes and some more stuff but due to my limited time don't expect anything ground breaking in the next weeks. 

Also I dont think there will be so much more stuff realized since MTA slowly reaches its limits (especially in terms of performance), in some situations there is so much going on that the single threaded Lua engine slows down even the fastest processors. But the main issue is GTA itself with these inefficient collision calculations. You can destroy any NASA PC just by spawning ~100 Peds that do nothing but stand there, with nothing else going on. It's ridiculous and I hope there will be a fix for this.

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So THAT'S the catch. I wondered if these kinds of GTA SA tweaks have their trade-offs.


Learn something new everyday...


Say, do you think it's possible that someday, someone can modify how GTA SA runs behind the screen? No more 'singlethreading' (or whatever the supposed phrase is), optimize the way the game runs? Come to think of it, is this issue exclusive to GTA SA, or does it happen in other, newer GTAs as well?

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On 20.11.2017 at 23:02, Einheit-101 said:

He was there even before the server was released, he made many maps and had many ideas.

I agree. But HAWK dont want to play of the server rules. He spawn boats or tanks on such maps where it are not allowed. Just like his friend moderator Ko/l][o3 | Gru. I have screenshots.
We know each other. But their behavior sometimes make me evil.

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Alrigt, this one is all about ships. But not only.
Some more content may be delivered afterwards because i plan to release the moving cargo ships in a separate little update.


-NEW MAP: [SEA WAR] Arctic
-NEW MAP: [TDM] Guadalcanal
-Added Fletcher-class destroyer
-Added Type 1934A destroyer
-Added Leipzig-class light cruiser
-Added Crown Colony-class light cruiser (Ceylon group)
-Added small merchant ship (as mission target)
-Added MG 30 and Hotchkiss M1914 (light machine guns)
-Added M45 Quadmount
-Added Vickers QF 3.7-inch gun
-Added M3 Halftrack
-Added Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. C
-Added the ability to fire torpedoes for destroyers
-Added harbors: Destroyers and cruisers can dock there, they get repaired and respawn 40 seconds later
-Updated server binaries to latest nightly
-4M GAZ-65, Sd.Kfz. 7/1, M3 Halftrack and Sd.Kfz. 251/1 can now tow field guns just like trucks
-Added descriptions to the ability window when selecting an ability for confirmation
-The loss of a ship (cruiser, destroyer) now costs 20 Tickets, so you now better take more care of them
-Medics now get money for healing other players (Each player in proximity = 20$ in 20 seconds)
-Engineers now get money for repairing vehicles THAT ARE OCCUPIED by a team partner (50$ in 20 seconds)
-Engineers can no longer repair destroyers or cruisers
-Highly improved ship script code
-20mm cannons and Quad-Anti-air guns are now much deadlier against vehicles
-Refined explosion damage: damage taken by explosions now depends on vehicle armor
-This also means that some light tanks and SPAA can no longer be instakilled by single grenades
-Enabled glue for many vehicles
-All vehicles can now open the shop (for repairs)
-Implemented random spread for stationary or vehicle MGs (planes, gunners, turret MGs, coaxial MGs....)
-Implemented a testfix for shotguns (a hack that allows a somewhat realistic pellet spread)
-Fixed a rare bug that prevents a ship from moving forwards when its speed is "-0" knots
-Fixed missing shell casing / shotgun pump sounds
-Fixed completely wrong plane/boat MG turret rotations for remote players
-Fixed an exploit that lets players drop dynamite while in a vehicle
-Fixed an exploit that lets players switch the weapon while shooting, therefore causing bugs
-Fixed an animation desync where players using mortars or field guns have a wrong animation applied
-Fixed vehicles flying into the air when exploding
-Fixed lights of warships remaining floating in the air after the round ends
-Fixed a little bug that created impact holes on locations where nothing ever hit
-Drastically increased damage bikes receive from weapons and collisions
-Removed the roof from trucks and their collisions to allow shooting from the cargo platform
-Cleaned up some junk from the code
-Some minor fixes

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Some more additions, as promised. Mainly fixes and tweaks, but the new AI merchants are now ready for global testing aswell.


-Added AI controlled merchants to some maps - they serve as mission target and can be boarded, but not controlled
-A destroyed ship now costs 30 tickets (+1 each crewmember) instead of 20
-A destroyed AI merchant costs 50 tickets (+1 each crewmember)
-Made Binocular a little bit clearer
-Made artillery strike a little bit more useful (Now 12 artillery shells instead of 7)
-Implemented a greater spread when spawning, so players are less likely to get trapped into each other
-Removed broken helicopter shadow
-Increased torpedo speed and corrected the value for remote players
-Increased cruiser main gun damage
-Added a testfix to make ship AA guns compatible with helicopters
-Fixed a bug that prevents destroyers from firing torpedoes
-Fixed broken killmessages
-Fixed broken medic icon
-Fixed Medic getting money for healing himself
-Fixed shader_ssao eating performance when disabled
-Fixed/corrected numerous small issues and warnings

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This looks not like a scripting related problem. I cant help you with that. Did you change anything with your graphics driver?


Is your ingame nick Snake? Maybe we can meet online at some point and i can disable one resource after another to see if and which resource causes it.

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That nasty flag bug will be fixed in next version. It happens because the flags need longer to fade out with fps lower than 50 and the menu comes up sooner than expected. By clicking anything too fast you can cause this bug because the flag doesnt fade out anymore.

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Hello, my game keeps crashing when i try to join while war map is playing.
This happens only on your server. 


Version = 1.5.5-release-11841.0.000
Time = Sun Feb 11 13:54:58 2018
Module = H:\harddisk\GTA San Andreas\proxy_sa.exe
Code = 0xC0000005
Offset = 0x000A2CF3

EAX=00000000  EBX=1EF73310  ECX=1EF73310  EDX=1EF73354  ESI=1EF732F0
EDI=00004008  EBP=040F349C  ESP=0177FB48  EIP=004A2CF3  FLG=00010202
CS=0023   DS=002B  SS=002B  ES=002B   FS=0053  GS=002B

Can you help me out ?

Edit1: I found it why it keeps crashing. Explosions.
           So annoying.

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