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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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-Further increased healing speed
-Fixed missing bomber cockpit sound
-Fixed many vehicle MGs not working
-Fixed ships not working
-Fixed weapon pickups wrong ammo amount
-Fixed the bug that allowed players to pick up weapons while sitting in a vehicle
-Decreased number of throwable weapons to 2 instead of 3
-Decreased price of off-map artillery
-Decreased off-map artillery spread from 16m to 14m


@3NED3 if you STILL havent noticed - there are 2 teams each consisting of 2 nations that can play on all maps...

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Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  

Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

I bet 10$ it was a map with many vehicles on the spawn location.
Hint: Its not your mighty 1050Ti that causes lags, its the CPU because MTA performance gets terrible when it has to calculate a lot of collisions.

How to reproduce:
Play on "[SEA WAR] Islands" as ARMY player, spawn on one of the carriers. Your performance will be terrible.
-> Now delete all vehicles with a script --- Performance is back to great 50fps easily.

With my GTX 1070 i can play @ 50fps all day while mining Bitcoins/Ethereum in the background, but as soon as there are too many vehicles/players the performance drops to 30fps regardless of GPU usage.

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I lost all my stats yesterday. I was playing on the server. I was checking the commands and I had to go afk. When I came back my network was glitching so I restarted the network and joined back the server. And I saw my account was reset. Someone probably tested all or some commands including /zero. Any way to get my account stats back?

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/zero works only local

That means, unless your mother went to your PC and typed /zero to piss at you, it should be impossible to lose your stats. An admin could do the same, but it's unlikely.

I could cheat you to the rank where you previously were, but I need to be ingame to do so, which is rare currently. And you need to be online with me. Or ask HAWK, maybe he can use setXP command. But you still need me because I have to set your ability points

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Ren712 created a new lighting shader, this time it is a post processing effect - that means it can be applied over all other existing shaders without messing things up.
Lets see what we can achieve with this in future, it is super exciting that we finally get such advanced lighting that doesnt conflict with any other resource.

Oh btw i made some updates that have never been mentioned, dozens of Bugfixes etc, so far every existing KNOWN bug has been fixed now, except for the ones that simply cannot be fixed. So if anyone still encounters a bug,  pls report.


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The next Update is coming in a few weeks - stay tuned.

Now dont tell me this 12 years old game doesnt have nice visuals:
The update will feature many new shaders by @Sam@ke and @Ren_712 that will significantly improve the whole gaming experience - if you dont play on a toaster.


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Since some upcoming features require too much additional time, i decided to release the stuff that i have a "little bit" earlier.
Also, the recent improvements, especially the ones that came with TNBT update, made it significantly easier to implement new content.
So here we go:

-Added Godray sunshader by Sam@ke (heavily modified by me for actual usage on SAAW)
-Added SSAO (Screen space ambient occlusion) shader by Ren712
-Added turret mounted AA MGs for some tanks (Panzer III, M4A1 Sherman, Tiger E, M26 Pershing), enter the tank with G as passenger to use them
-Added PzKpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II (Heavy tank)
-Added IS-2 model 1943 (Heavy tank)
-Added PzKpfw V "Panther" Ausf. A (Heavy tank)
-Added KV-85 (Heavy tank)
-Added Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger (Heavy tank destroyer)
-Added ISU-152 (Heavy tank destroyer)
-Added 4M GAZ-65 (Anti-Air)
-Added Sd.Kfz. 7/1 (Anti-Air)
-Added Ural M72 (Motorcycle)
-Added BMW R75 (Motorcycle)
-Added new mortar model
-Added Advanced repair ability (Engineer)
-Added Dynamite ability (Radio Operator)
-Added Nambu Type 14 (Pistol)
-Added Browning Hi-Power (Pistol)
-Added Type 26 (revolver)
-Added Colt Navy Mod 1851 (revolver)
-Added M1911 machine pistol
-Added Mauser M712 (automatic pistol)
-Added Boys Mk. I (anti tank rifle)
-Added Type 97 (anti tank rifle)
-Added Type 100 (SMG)
-Added PPS-43 (SMG)
-Added Mosin–Nagant M91/30 (Bolt action rifle)
-Added Mosin–Nagant M91/30 PU (Sniper)
-Added Berthier Mle 1907/15 (Bolt action rifle)
-Added Berthier Mle 1907/15-M16 (Sniper)
-Added many new sounds
-Added damage decals (impact holes) for tanks
-Added detailed hit information for tanks/Anti tank guns (rear hit, side hit, bounce...)
-Removed shader_car_paint_reflect
-Removed dynamic_lighting (will most likely be replaced by material3dlight in future)
-Implemented more hit zones for tanks: Damage depends now if you hit rear, front or side armor
---->Front armor = 100% damage
---->Side armor = 140% damage
---->Rear armor = 200% damage
-Implemented bouncing shots: Any shell that hits a tank at an angle of more than 50° will bounce off
---->This does not count for turret hits because its literally impossible to script with the terrible inaccurate GTA/MTA engine
---->Turret hits act like a front armor hit (100% damage, no bonus)
---->Bouncing shots will still do 1/3 of the damage a tank shell normally does to the armor plate
-Anti-tank rifle damage to tanks now depends if front, side or rear armor got hit
-Vehicle MGs with unlimited ammo (bomber gunners, tank turret MGs, boat MGs...) can now overheat
-Tanks will now explode immediately if they get hit and their health drops below 10 HP (they dont burn like idiots in that case)
-Ships will now get damaged by collisions with objects/vehicles/land masses
-Ships can now sink in a very large explosion when their health reaches 0, as special effect (doesnt affect gameplay at all)
-Vehicles hit by a ship will receive high damage depending on the speed of the colliding ship
-Updated killmessages
-Updated [WAR] König der Berge (bugfixes and better balance with an improved german spawnpoint)
-Significantly reduced prices for vehicles
-Players now actually earn money for sinking a ship
---->If a ship sinks another ship, then the whole crew will get rewarded
-Changed damage calculations: Hitting a leg or arm will no longer reduce damage - this caused confusion and hatred
-Fixed a bug that torpedo bombers could not fire their last 2 mg shots
-Fixed a bug that the game did not end when tickets reach 0 because of cap zones
-Fixed numerous bugs with animations
-Fixed (removed) occuring impact smoke effect when shooting into the sky
-Fixes / improvements for some 3D models
-Any vehicle turret will no longer move while zooming and the cursor or a window is visible
-Implemented damage values for anti-tank rocket launchers (their damage was displayed ingame as 300 or 400, but now it actually counts)
-Significantly improved steering control of tanks at low speeds below 13 kp/h
-Field guns now receive 50% less damage from handguns
-Many other small fixes (for example now you can transfer more than 4 bombs to heavy bombers with a truck)
-Some other code improvements

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-Officer`s shotgun is now a primary weapon, not secondary
-Added Colt Navy and Type 26 to the officer classes
-MP 18 and M3A1 SMG are no longer one-handed
-Added driver controlled MGs to M10 "Achilles" and JgdPz 38(t) "Hetzer"
-Slightly decreased effectiveness of Toughness by 15%
-Fixed MGs overheating too fast on Toaster PCs
-Fixed missing LODs on Normandy
-Fixed some issues with impact holes
-Some minor corrections and fixes for the recent large udpate

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He deleted maps from the editor server as revenge. This justified another ban by HAWK, it's not my concern since he deleted his work, not mine, so sommy would have to apologize to HAWK to solve that. Deleting these maps was a terrible mistake...

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