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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  

Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

55 minutes ago, 3NED3 said:


pls answer

hawk say no update today 


he say you say that in facebook

I will suggest you to stay calm and wait for his answer. Also, it takes hell lot of time to do good updates. Also try not to make a post every hour.

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Basically what Rudransh says, I'm not sitting 24/7 in front of my laptop so you better keep calm before you get punished for spamming the forum by some moderator. 

And no, the update was not today. I said I TRY (!) today. U guys will have to wait another day or two, dont spam ETA questions all day, you will see when it's online.

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Okay guys, get ready for the largest update in history of this server.
It does not only contain a lot of brand new features and fixes, no, i implemented all planned performance improvements at once.
You guys should experience a tremendously increased performance, this should especially come in handy for people running MTA with a toaster 
and complaining about performance in the past. However many vehicles and/or Peds/Players on one spot WILL STILL hurt performance.
These performance issues are caused by GTA/MTA itself, they are reported and can currently not be fixed.
Now take it, hold it, love it.

NOTE: shader_pednormal is still disabled and the godray sunshader didnt make it in this update in time, i am working on this and pednormal will be removed.
NOTE: Turret mounted machine guns are not enabled yet, i could not finish that script in time, i will finish this asap.
NOTE: This Update is NOT FULLY TESTED. I have only my Laptop. That means THERE WILL BE BUGS. Report them.

UPDATE (SAAW World War II version 3.0 changelog:
-New map: [WAR] El Alamein
-New map: [TDM] Malta
-New map: [TDM] Carrier
-Re-Added [TANK WAR] Africa
-Replaced weapon selection GUI labels with dx drawings (feels so good)
-Replaced shader_contrast with watereffects by Sam@ke, contrast was incompatible with all other postFX shaders
-Replaced Me 262 HG III 3D model with something more realistic by Toast
-Replaced old vector calculations with something that is more up-to-date
-Fixed a bug where M10 and Hetzer could not buy AP ammo in shop (Thx Gru)
-Fixed a bug where players could use invisible vehicle shops of the enemy team (Thx Sommy)
-Fixed a bug with some vehicle shops not working correctly
-Fixed a large effect leak
-Fixed jet engine effects randomly floating in the air
-Fixed another bug where players could play as spectator
-Fixed a bug where sprinting while using knife and blocking made no noise
-Fixed a bug where players with leg damage could still sprint with sprint/block/knife glitch
-Fixed a bug where it was impossible to switch weapons while being glued/attached to anything
-Fixed some bugs that caused the sniper camera to turn around in certain situations
---> If you stand close to a wall and shoot with sniper, it is possible that your shot hits the wall behind you
---> This was the root cause of this camera-turn issue and is a reported MTA bug and cannot currently be fixed!
-Fixed ship trails not rendering beyond 500 meters distance
-Fixed a warning when the server tries to create a ship that no longer exists
-Fixed wrong ship cannon shot effect
-Fixed radar blips occuring for players that are dead or not spawned
-Fixed some warnings in ambience_sound
-Fixed wrong/messed up rotations when using first-person mode on mounted machine guns
-Fixed many map bugs
-Fixed missing plane cockpit sounds
-Fixed a bug that prevents online staff to be shown in the bottom staff list
-Fixed the bug that some mortars remained visible after unmounting
-Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter an unmounting mortar, thus arriving in dimension 2
-Fixed a bug that allowed unmounting/mounting mortars while the shop is visible
-Fixed minor friend/foe detection UI flaws
-Fixed too dark M10 "Achilles" texture
-Fixed a bug that prevented the player from getting a promotion
-Fixed rifle grenade crosshair being stuck forever when dying while aiming with the rifle grenade launcher
-Fixed an exploit that allowed players to regenerate stamina while sprint-jumping, effectively ignoring stamina and sprint forever
-Fixed a bug that tracks of tanks without neutral steering did not brake according to the vehicle steering direction
-Surviving players do no longer count to the forces of a team to prevent confusion about teams winning with 0 forces etc
-Increased tickets on "Islands" and "Cologne" to 400
-Increased damage radius of howitzers (namely leFh 18, 105mm M2A1) significantly to make them actually devastating
-Improved anti-tank rocket effects by adding smoke to them
-Improved streaming of weapon models attached to players
-Improved infrared sight, replaced text label with a silhouette shader (untested)
-Improved shell ejection system slightly (Shells can still clip through the ground randomly, this cannot be fixed AFAIK)
-Improved nearby mortar detection (now the closest unmanned mortar will ALWAYS be focused for mount/unmount)
-Slightly improved sync code
-Significantly improved performance by decreasing usage of setElementData in many cases
-Significantly improved performance of DX cap circles, basically making them harmless even for toaster CPUs
-Significantly improved performance in areas where many vehicles spawn
-Significantly reduced resource startup time when joining the server (MTA was slow unzipping resources)
-Added experimental first-person view (Use with /fps), use with caution, it is a proof-of-concept and maybe buggy
-Added a ton of new weapons and changed old ones
-Added a ton of new abilities and changed old ones
-Added the ability to restrict spawned vehicles to certain teams (For example no more spawnkilling with base AAA)
-Added Doppler effect for projectile and vehicle sounds
-Added 24 new skins (yes 24)
-Added slightly modified shader_palette by Ren712, accessible in the video settings as usual
-Added bubble effects to large ship propellers (only visible with water shader enabled)
-Added some more light effects (Lighthouse tower, ship searchlights...)
-Added friend-foe detection UI for plane gunners
-Added shell casing sounds and some dozen new weapon sounds plus whatever stuff that belongs to all new weapons
-Added breathing sound when stamina is low
-Added new death screen
-Added new intro screen with new background
-Added damagesource resource, thankfully made by RiginOAL for the community
-Added customizable turret numbers for tanks (Up to 3 numbers from 0-9)
-Added a User Interface to modify the own turret number (Accessible with F4 key)
-Added barrel recoil animation when tanks fire their main gun
-Added coaxial machine gun to Tiger 1 and M26 Pershing
-Updated many 3D models, rescaled tanks and fixed bugs, added Dmitry Gorskys Panzer III Ausf. J and Sabros M4A3 76(w) HVSS Sherman tanks (both modified by me)
-Changed GTA default switch-weapon behaviour to a custom one
-Satchels do now trigger when pressing mouse 2 while satchels are selected, the satchel detonator no longer exists
-Sniper recoil is now slightly lower if you are crouching
-Players can no longer use "fire" while using binocular, so they cannot spam their GTA folder with camera pictures anymore
-Players can no longer fire any vehicle weapons while exiting the vehicle
-Players can now pick up dropped weapons from dead other players, these pickups will be removed once the killed player respawns
-Empty weapons remain in the player inventory from now on
-The player does no longer reload automatically
-"Reloading" information shoutout can now be heard by all players. Players do not shout (stay silent) when they are crouching
-Landmines are now rotated along the ground where they got placed
-Buying a mortar will now insert it directly into your inventory to prevent players from spam buying mortars
-A damaged leg/limping character does now heal when reaching 30 health points (78%) or more
-Boats/Ships/Arado 196 are no longer being frozen after spawning (improves performance and was unnecessary for water vehicles)
-Torpedo trails become now gradually less visible in the night (between 22:00 and 5:00) to make a visual detection more difficult
-Render distance reduced when the camera is under water
-Reduced amount of snow by 50% because it chewed too much performance
-Cap locations do now slowly re-cap themself to 100% if they are left with over 50% after an attempt to de-cap
-Cap locations do now flash when they are being capped or while they re-cap themself
-There are now 2 different types of cap zones: Small and large. All players can respawn on large caps, but only the airborne class can spawn on small ones
-You can now buy a maximum of 4 gadgets/rifle grenades in shop, explosive weapons like bazooka/grenades are now limited aswell
-Removed /oldfilm command because it conflicts with the water shader
-Many other additions/changes that were necessary for this update

Update is currently being uploaded and will be live tomorrow. Server remains offline for that time.

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Not a bad video. And it shows quite some bugs that have never been reported (like 200% bomber health bar).


-Added missing Type 99 sound
-Fixed medic icon being visible for everyone
-Fixed unneeded medic icon for the medic himself
-Fixed missing MG81 model
-Fixed inability to drop torpedoes and some other vehicle bugs
-Fixed 200% health bar for some vehicles
-Fixed some small issues in rank system
-Shell casing sounds do no longer play beyond 30m distance
-Increased round length from 25 to 45 minutes
-Increased autospawn time from 40 to 99 seconds
-You can now drop an ammo box with gadget key (z) aswell
-Changed damage and fire rate of MG 34 and Browning M2HB

Edited by Einheit-101
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-Doubled medic heal speed once again (Now +1 HP in 5 seconds while being close to a medic)
-Test fix for the famous "0 ammo" bug, now there is a cooldown of 0,1s for switching the weapon
-Test fix for camera shake not working sometimes
-Fixed medic not healing himself
-Fixed bug that prevented players from registering
-Fixed Shop UI getting messed up by low screen resolutions
-Fixed bug that prevented the radar and the "online staff" text from showing if you get spawned by the autospawn timer
-Fixed "bug" that allowed players to attach planes to landing boats (U crazy trolls lol)
-Fixed a flying bush on El Alamein
-Fixed Payday not working at all
-Fixed matches always ending as TIE
-Fixed german Medic having access to Perception by default
-Increased Tickets on Islands and El Alamein to 500
-Removed spawn protection from players that spawn on cap zones

My Server now supports 800x600 resolution somewhat successfully, however its really not recommended to play on such low resolutions. And please dont come here and cry because something looks ugly/ is unusable because you are playing on 640x480 or something similar.

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