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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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Thank you for sharing, Wisam! :D


-Updated minimaps of some changed maps (Africa, Diablo, OP Neptune)
-Fixed parachute bug on certain maps with water
-Implemented some more effects for ships
-Fixed a lot of triggerClientEvent() warnings that still existed
-Various small cleanups and improvements
-implemented XP effects
-added a money bonus for ranks after respawn (money = ranknumber * 10$)
-increased needed XP for higher ranks significantly
-Fixed a camera bug
-implemented damage system for ships

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Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  

Okay, a large one. It's all about the bombers:

-implemented turret gunner for bombers
-implemented Bomb zoom camera for Bombers
-fixed bombs not exploding sometimes
-implemented bombers and shops on Africa map
-implemented watersplash for Bombs
-improved the weapon attachment script
-equipped explosion effects with a flash
-applied a gunflash effect
-implemented a friend/foe detection GUI for AAA/Fighters
-improved aim of light 20mm tanks
-fixed deagles appearing on tanks after exiting them
-fixed shivering AAA bug
-improved AAA aim
-implemented advanced ship damage calculation and effects
-improved some offset calculations
-more variety for some sounds
-cutting a small line between Admins and Moderators
-changed behaviour of votemap slightly
-assigned more textures to soft_particles shader
-small improvements here and there

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-updated server version number to SAAW 1.6
-new map: Berlin-Mitte
-implemented friend/foe detection for bomber turrets
-implemented bomber cockpits
-implemented engine start for planes
-implemented cockpit sound for planes
-implemented 3D Flags (Thanks Ren712)
-implemented access to video settings while being ingame (F1 key)
-increased rendering distance for effects
-fixed blackscreen bug for some players after joining
-added moving rudder/propeller to ships
-increased ship detail level and fixed numerous flaws related to this
-implemented more tooltips (bomber zoom and stuff) for helpless players
-fixed gunner not dying when his bomber explodes
-fixed gunner camera resetting randomly
-fixed rare getting stuck in bomber interior when exiting it
-fixed misplaced MG-Nest crosshair
-fixed MG-Nest camera being stuck when reaching the movement border
-fixed dynamic_sky shader disabling some ingame GTA effects
-updated far distance fire effect
-fixed tank/field gun wheels being deflatable
-fixed enter_passenger not working for bombers when a pilot is there
-implemented debug output messages for all players
-made it slightly easier to board a landing ship
-fixed more warning/error messages
-code cleanup

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-New map: [SEA WAR] Pacific
-full implementation of the warship script with everything around it
-removed progressive water transparency due to numerous DX issues
-replaced the PWT with modified water color/transparency for compensation
-disabled non-aimed fire for most weapons
-dirty fixed some ship desyncs
-removed lag for local player when shooting custom/coaxial/other vehicle MGs
-improved coaxial/turret MG attachement script
-implemented more sound variety and distant sounds
-implemented bomb damage for ships
-implemented rudder sync for ships
-implemented automatic anti-chat-spam
-implemented playtime in scoreboard for registered users
-implemented a timeout for the F1 video settings menu to prevent it from bugging
-implemented Arado Ar 196 and TBD Devastator Torpedo bombers
-implemented turret 2 for heavy Bombers
-various small CPU performance improvements
-modified some 3D models
-improved hitmarker
-fixed some bugs that can occur when joining a battle in progress
-fixed rate of fire of snipers
-fixed some bugs with rifle grenades
-fixed punching animation occuring when firing a MG nest
-fixed driveby shooting being unreliable
-fixed right click changing weapon in air (and removed the ability to change it in air at all)
-fixed some small warnings and bugs
-fixed a ton of other stuff


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-New map: [WAR] Cologne (Uploading in a few hours)
-Added Binocular (B key)
-Added HUD base icons
-Added S-100 and PT Class Torpedo boats
-Added working MG for US landing boat
-Added jet engine flames
-Updated many maps
-Updated Killmessages
-Fixed Zg. 1229 not working
-Fixed numerous bugs with ships
-Fixed torpedo/bomb explosions beyond 400m distance
-Changed Cloak time from 15/30 to 10/20 seconds
-Changed numerous small things
-Improved torpedoes
-Improved some sound effects
-Implemented some GUI changes and tooltips
-Many smaller fixes

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I know, no CTA yet, but quite a lot of amazing stuff:

-New map: [TDM] Cologne (small)
-New map: [TDM] Stalingrad
-Implemented a lot of brand new sounds
-Implemented new tank explosion mechanics (Ammo rack explosion dependend on total ammo load)
-Implemented some new soldier voices
-Implemented torpedoes in shops for Torpedo boats and -bombers
-Fixed cloak
-Fixed punch animation when firing a mounted machine gun
-Fixed rifle grenade bugs
-Fixed spawn menu randomly appearing after spawning
-Fixed non-intended random reloading of player weapons
-Fixed the ability to enter_passenger certain vehicles while being dead
-Fixed torpedo boats and bombers not respawning with new torpedoes
-Fixed broken AT gun zoom
-Fixed zoom not resetting when dying while using zoom
-Fixed players not getting properly removed out of ships when dying
-Fixed MG ammo not resetting after respawning a light tank (20mm)
-Fixed fire effect not occuring when destroying a vehicle with AP shells/Bazookas
-Fixed limping not resetting in some cases after respawning
-Fixed a bug that prevents the player from respawning when dying in a ship/boat/plane turret
-Switched mine detection with rifle grenade
-Changed autobalance so it automatically changes the player team without erasing his score
-Numerous GUI fixes
-Tweaked some AAA vertical rotation speed
-Re-Enabled "fire" control when attached to a vehicle
-Friend/Foe detection shows now player name instead of "FRIEND" for friendly vehicles
-Fixed numerous smaller issues

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-NEW MAP: [WAR] Sewastopol
-Updated maps: Pyramid (renamed to "Egypt"), Operation Neptune, Nippon, Pine (renamed to "Poland")
-Large engine + 3D model update:
-->Visible vehicles will always be drawn in high Quality
-->Fixed numerous model bugs like missing exhausts, missing engine dummies...
-->Added missing shadow mesh to almost all vehicles
-->Fixed texture lighting on some vehicles (especially M4A1)

-Vehicle engines of some vehicles can now be disabled with (i) key to keep a low noiselevel
-Vehicles without engine / disabled engine cause no noise anymore
-Neutral steering does now affect vehicle RPM and no longer works with engine off
-Torpedoes now instantly blow any vehicle with a direct hit except Destroyers/Cruisers
-Players can no longer steal respawned enemy tanks
-New damage calculations for some weapons
-Improved turret rotation logic once again
-Slightly reduced unnessecary sync data usage
-Doubled votemanager locktime
-Reduced damage vehicles take from handgun fire significantly
-Fixed missing vehicle sound after respawning
-Fixed missing teleport markers in pacific US Base
-Fixed some sound desyncs
-Slightly tried to improve performance (may cause bugs, report them)
-Implemented improved shot sync for all weapons now
-Implemented a vehicle aim predicion indicator
-Implemented vehicle damage decal
-Implemented a way to reload single bombs and torpedoes
-Implemented speedometer by TrueLife
-Fixed Hetzer/M10 cannot refill AP/HE ammo in shop
-Fixed many other reported bugs
-Numerous other rebalances

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16 minutes ago, Snake[PL] said:

I got problem... When I want to join I need update mta, but I have newest... Yesterday works correctly...

Other servers works ok.
Maybe you do something with this??

Yeah i got this problem too and i have the newest version of MTA 

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Nope you havent, the latest nightly is 9.11201 and my server supports  9.11199 upwards. 
The issue was actually the MTA Auto Updater, which was stuck on 
9.11196 until a few hours ago, and didnt update to 199. It should be fine by now, i got my 11201 auto update just now.

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-New map: [TDM] Forest
-Added Capture-The-Area
-Updated a lot of maps accordingly
-Headshots distance limit implemented (For example Pistol does not headshot beyond 130m)
-Added video setting for directX cap circles because Toasters cant handle it
-Added weapon loadout remembering (no more re-choose weapons after team switch)
-Fixed (finally) the :Oing tree collisions especially on snow valley
-Fixed kills/deaths resetting when changing team / autobalanced
-Fixed vehicle shops being visible for everyone instead of team players only
-Fixed some reported parachute bugs
-Fixed vehicle repair from shop not actually fixing the vehicle
-Fixed hours resetting when gamemode restarts for updating
-Moved missiontimer to the scoreboard - hold "Tab" key to show the remaining time
-Many other very small fixes and adjustments

The next update will take a long time, thats pretty sure.

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Official patch notes for the next update leaked, lol. Special thanks to Sommy for reporting many bugs:

-NEW MAP: [WAR] Normandy
-NEW MAP: [SEA WAR] Islands
-Changed Server name one last time (removed SAAW version number)
-Changed commander camera mode for 88mm Flak 36
-Changed unmounting of mortars, you now need one second to unmount it before you can move again
-Implemented Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 and Piasecki H-21 helicopters
-Fixed a bug where Autobalance could give US weapons to Axis and vice versa
-Fixed a bug which let you spawn as US player with german skin on german spawn point and vice versa
-Fixed a bug that broke vehicle shops over time
-Fixed a bug where unmounting mortars could break the map dimension and cause multiple other issues
-Fixed torpedo collision not loading
-Fixed some warnings
-Fixed wrong bomber startup sound
-Fixed wrong rotation of ejected shells fired by 88mm Flak 36
-Added first-person mode for mounted machine guns
-Added "shaderpednormal" by Ren712 (Accessed in video settings, as usual) - Normal mapping for Peds
-Added new explosion burn mark on the ground
-Added exploding head when getting a headshot
-Added bloody footsteps when reaching a high killstreak
-New Jeep 3D model
-New flamethrower 3D model
-Increased flamethrower ammo amount
-Increased bomber and landing boat health significantly
-Increased Autobalance threshold by 1 player to make it less annoying

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The next update will feature the class system along with a giant bunch of weapons.
This update will take a lot of additional work and so dont expect a soon release, and i assure you there will be bugs once its out, it changes a LOT.

(€DIT::: Yes #Sommy, here you can see your GTA IV converted PTRS rifle for the first time ingame)


Edited by Einheit-101
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Paid a visit today and defintly enjoyed the gameplay, however the low player rate is one thing that is causing it to not fully enjoy the gamemode itself but overall i woul recommend this server for someone who loves TDM

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Thanks Syntrax. The next update coming in June (hopefully) should improve the server significantly and increase the player count a bit, that was always an issue.

Btw I forgot to mention:

You all pls keep reporting stupid bans and bugs. Thx^^

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Dear Einheit-101. We have been waiting for your big update for a long time, but I believe that we are waiting too long. The online server for these long 2 months of expectations has declined. Sometimes it will jump, but run a map like Forest, Jungle, or Islands. On these maps, the online falls dramatically. I want to see the update sooner and hope that you will remove these 3 cards. Also I want to report some errors. The first is a field tools shop on the Diablo map. It just does not open. The second is a magazine of shells for anti-tank self-guards. When you call on him, you see bombs in him instead of armor-piercing shells. It is impossible to make up for the ammunition.
I hope soon we will be able to enjoy your TNBT and we will not see any more of these errors.

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You actually have to understand that this server is created by one single person (me) in my spare time and this large update featuring some hundred lines of code and dozens of fixes and features takes naturally it's time. 

Also I do not plan to remove any map, we have a votemanager where players actively choose maps, they don't get forced. So if really no one liked these maps, no one would vote for them, which is false.

The update should be done this month, in a few weeks if you are lucky. If not - too bad. My time is limited. And 2 months between updates is not much time for a free to play server tbh, when I think back to the DKR Freeroam that got 1 very small update in a couple of months.

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