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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  

Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

@Einheit-101, I forgot to tell you about one mistake. When I and P. s.i.x and Danya were playing saaw, Danya started to hear me (we weren't sitting in discord). in the end, we realized that the voice chat remained in saaw. But it only works when you choose a character (it Doesn't always work. The sound quality is terrible, but if you yell - everything is fine).
 Even when I was playing alone, I heard someone from my team yelling at saaw xD (it was very funny, I almost died of laughter)

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Fixed bugs
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- Updated [TDM] Italy
- Updated Server to 1.5.8
- Added new lighting method with huge performance boost
- Fixed time locking up forever after playing certain maps
- Removed dr_blendshad
- Temporarily disabled shader_detail
- Some other small improvements and bugfixes
- Disabled voice completely

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1 hour ago, Einheit-101 said:

Вы думаете, что этот объект стоит производительности? Будем разбираться в этом

Reduce the number of polygons. To reduce lags, I guess, we need to make a low poly model of that sandbags

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-Added new spectator mode for ships and submarines (Not enabled yet, but i will enable this soon)
-Optimized all sandbag models
-Optimized some textures


Yes, now i got 7 fps more on Budapest, where a lot of these bags are sitting around. Nice change.

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