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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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First requests from players.

A little work on the Navy.
You need to make it possible to control the sonar on ships and submarines, and realistic and playable. Otherwise, especially ships is very tight. Now sensible people on a submarine can make a big trouble to the enemy team.
We can also offer to add the azimuth of the compass, and position it over the azimuth of a submarine, that is, its a little lower.
Just noticed a small bug that sometimes the rate is reset to 0, which is due to not yet noticed.
It is necessary to redo the sight of the periscope, add to it the risks that historically measured the speed of ships and guided torpedoes. Make it easy to tick, so nice, just make the function of "night mode" and remake the main risks from black to red by pressing a certain key to make the backlight effect. And do a zoom x2.5 also clicking back and forth.
And for a hydrophone actually that too will be historically, to make a response from a sonar. If the player has turned on the hydrophone and sonar hits him that he heard it. You can take the same sound but make it more deaf.
I also noticed that while the player is not in depth and not looking through the periscope he can't derail tobish key B is released. I propose to put at the time when the ship did not sink to do this place the binoculars. Personally got into situations where it would not hurt.
And another minor bug. Also on the course indicator I noticed that the number of degrees lie on top of the arrow, which actually should be corrected.

A little did not understand what the screenshots, I think so, so it should look or it's flaws.


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Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  

1. Sonar can be controlled for ships and submarines, what do you mean? 

2. What do you mean with compass azimuth? 

3. What is reset to 0?

4. Why do you want a speed measurement in the periscope? IRL they had to guess the speed and it has no point on this server since torpedo solutions are calculated automatically. 

5. A night mode would be simple to add. Easy. 

6. Periscope already has a zoom by using mouse wheel. 

7. The enemy can not detect that he got detected by a Hydrophone, it is a passive detector that simply records sounds, just as it does in this server. 


2 hours ago, RussianRick said:

also noticed that while the player is not in depth and not looking through the periscope he can't derail tobish key B is released. I propose to put at the time when the ship did not sink to do this place the binoculars

I dont understand that.

9. I will look at the course indicator. 

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You do not understand, there are people who saw a weakness in us and decided to make our copy, we want the status of the official community in order to press those against the wall. You will not be difficult to write this message, as the English-speaking audience is not sitting in the VK. And it will be a pleasant occasion for you

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Although to be clear I will say this, people blatantly lying that you wrote and something was decided. Before that it took us, but decided that can do everything themselves without consultation with the Leadership group has completely changed, and now like a hurt child discourages people to go to the us to go to him. We consider it an ugly act and having finally received the status of the official community as HAWK in due time - we will be able to convince people of us and our forces, ambitions.

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I understand, therefore, inform you that you will not be difficult to give us in the VK status of the official community. We talked to the player JN and came to the conclusion that the group is temporary, until HAWK comes out of the "coma" and will not give it under the leadership of JN, then we will remove all powers.

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Hello, as I've seen from all screenshots in this thread, there are some maps that are stolen and uploaded to *** server, and by any chance, did you share the map to public or someone asked you to send the map to them? Maps that are stolen got renamed to "Berlin 1945" and "Nippon" (Japanese-ish map), if you really really shared your maps to public, let me know, and please send them to me too, im going to delete the map in *** server as soon as you give me a positive answer

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I need some help, someone told me there is an ammo glitch where you can put your whole Primary ammo into the clip of your secondary weapon by entering/exiting a vehicle and spamming some keys, after that you can spam 30 flares (for example), i cannot reproduce it, can someone show me that? I want to merge a fix for that into this update.

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Hello, Einheit-101! I hope you're good. I want to report something to you. A few minutes ago İ was in SAAW, and a Moderator by the name of '' Marxman '' produced a ship, took helicopters, a jetpack, and now made the server Bugs. When the players are born, we're in the water and we're drowning, than dead


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I dont know.

Should i upload the new update with incomplete british soldiers or should i wait until i finished them all?
The problem is, that skin rigging stuff eats a LOT of my time and i dont know how long i need until the other 6 skins are finished. 
The update is completely finished, i only need these 6 skins. I could upload the update and then deliver the skins as soon as they are finished, what do you guys think?


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