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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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-Added Carro Armato P26/40
-Added Type 97 Shinhōtō Chi-Ha
-Added A15 Crusader Mk. III
-Decreased the hilarious amount of damage that tanks received when hit by HE ammo
-Disabled collisions of fixed MGs that are placed on some maps
-Peds stream distance has been reduced from 500 to 90 because some trolls abused the bad MTA streamer to shoot others through objects by setting everything to low
-Implemented a new method of rendering water
-Re-added bubble effects for ships, sonar decoys and torpedoes
-Players can now select the melee weapon
-Added 3 new melee weapons: Hatchet, Bat, Crowbar
-Reduced price of anti-tank rifle ammo
-Armor does no longer show a "1" below its gadget icon and reduced armor price + amount in shop
-Switching a weapon by picking another one up does now add the current clip ammo to the new weapon if ammo is compatible
-Picking up flamethrower ammo does now put the ammo directly into the clip
-Changing the weapon pickup key does now actually change the tooltip display ingame (was always displayed as "K")
-Flamethrower does no longer need to reload, changed clip ammo from 300 to 500 (500 also is maximum ammo now), reduced ammo price
-Fixed a bug with exploding tank turrets sinking into the tank
-Fixed the correct ID of the LCM landing craft from 545 to 493
-Its no longer possible to pick up a weapon pickup while being in a menu or chat
-Ladder climb animation is now properly played everytime
-It is no longer possible to start climbing a ladder while flying in air (jumping...)
-Grenade throw force no longer resets to 0 randomly when walking on slopes
-Flares no longer glitch through the ground (At least 99%)
-Flares do now enable even when they hit water
-Updated pedwall shader to latest version (Thanks to Ren712 for his awesome work)
-[WAR] Diablo has been reworked by JN
-Updated [TDM] Italy, [WAR] KDB and [TDM] Forest to latest version bugfixed by JN
-Players can no longer desync their animation when faking death while flying off a car roof etc.
-Fixed an incompatibility between SSAO shader and some other shaders

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Yes, I created, perhaps a little rude of me so brazen PR, but they all dropped out of the group. If it is not difficult, I would like to ask at least some privilege in order to sort out the same complaints or controversial issues on the server, and such as I noticed there.

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