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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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We now have a discord channel that has been started by JN. 


-New maps: [TANK WAR] Haselnuss (made by JN), [TDM] Hurtgen Forest (made by RUSAA and JN)
-Updated maps: [TDM] Italy, [TDM] Snow valley, [TDM] Vacant, [WAR] KDB, [WAR] Berlin-Mitte
-Fixed shader_soft_particles not working at all
-Fixed a bug that played the hitmarker sound when using flamethrower
-Editor server does now support placing of particle effects
-Reduced rifle grenade explosion splash radius + reduced grenade velocity + reduced price
-Fixed flamethrower looking strange
-Engineers do no longer take any damage from gas
-Implemented new HUD made by JN
-Added our discord channel discord.gg/V5u5JTb to the advertisements
-Players can now see a preview of the flight path of thrown grenades
-Added a new pumping sound for M37 Ithaca and Grabengewehr
-Added new speedboat sound
-Updated many 3D models
-Added anti-tank grenades
-Added smoke grenades
-Added a minimum throw force for molotovs and anti-tank grenades (helps to prevent accident suicide)
-Added c-element (belgian gate) object
-Improved collision model of ships and submarines (and reduced file size)
--> The new collisions give me another performance boost of ~10% (35fps -> 39fps on Arctic)
-Many objects are no longer double-sided and nearClipDistance is now dynamic to reduce z-fighting artifacts
-Increased blast radius of small HE shells (tanks etc) and regular (small) bombs
-Tab key now shows your current real-time aswell
-Fixed negative oxygen levels
-Fixed a bug that prevented the piers from being drawn on the HUD
-Fixed wrong team detection when firing virtual projectiles to submarines
-Fixed Wehrmacht pier on "Islands" being too close to the base
-Fixed a bug that did not enable shops for the new team when being auto-balanced
-Fixed a bug that let the player reload while jumping / flying
-Fixed a graphical issue with Type 1934 destroyer (missing part)
-Completely re-worked dynamic sky shader
-Added a new water shader made by Sam@ke for his CSWP resource, heavily modified by me (its still far from perfect but the best we have for MTA)
-Further improved sun + water drops shader
-dynamic sky sun is now correctly disabled as soon as godray shader starts running
-Temporarily (maybe forever) removed all bubble effects (Bubbles are visible through GTA water, rendering bug of GTA engine)

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so i noticed something in the distance on pacific

do you see it?

i decided to take a plane and look closer

thats interesting, this thing seemed to have a path - it always changed direction and sometimes stopped. im pretty sure that wasnt an admin or something, there were just 3 players including me on a server. maybe a glitched merchant?

after that, cj disappeared (or went inside a dock? who knows), we decided to find the guy again, and we succeeded

and, somehow, we burned it with our shots pretty quickly


so what was that really?

https://ibb.co/w0MKWpB - thats some weird col

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4 hours ago, Einheit-101 said:

Merry Christmas everyone. 

I got a report of a teamkiller. Someone please take actions against him. 


Wait who is the teamkiller ? I see few names on pics. (Btw as i understand its CoolApple and Katharina (Dimmy)) Is it . as well ? (. is actually R4FSAN and im %99.9 sure he knew that you were Einheit-101) And Merry Christmas to you too :3

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Hi, admin. Probably you heard a lot of propositions about adding bot system on the server. 
But in many cases it is hardly to realise in reality - and i understand it.
Today I have an idea about how correctly realise symple bot system (not overloading the server) and make the game more interesting and realistic.
This is not something original and new, but usefull.

There is a some ways to make simple bot system:

IN FIRST (easy) way you could add (immortals) bots with certain (standart GTA) animation  near the spawn point. For example: the soldier on guard, the mechanic at work (with car/tank) , the doctor treats someone, the commander gives decrees and other. 
They will add unusual atmosphere on server and will not bring the overload. 

IN SECOND way you could add bots on the capture points (A,B,C..).
After capturing the point - some bots (2 or 3 - not a lot) (Axis or Allies) will be spawned. If its possible - add him certain easy guns, which they can use to guard the point. I guess it is possible to make that bots will be shot only on the body (not head) of player and/or with big intervales. Make bots easier as you want. As a result they will not be as a powerful enemy, which will be able to kill 100%hp player. BUT they will add realistic war atmosphere. In this case all capture points will have visible protection, almost fake/uselles, but at least PROTECTION, not abandoned point.

IN THIRD way I'd like to propose add medic-bots (1-2 on map), which would purposefully find and treat wounded players.
If it really possible. Also make them easier, with simple guns/pistols. Medic-bot would be usefull "teammate".
Now that's almost all what I wanted to write.
I apologize in advance if my English is incomprehensible/or I have grammar mistakes on text.

Thx for attention


On 02/01/2019 at 02:53, 3NED3 said:

yeah no body have time :c

That's true.

I think that Einheit-101 should find some helpers, who have knowledge about scripting and who is interested that the server worked further.

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Adding bots causes new problems because every ped causes a Performance impact, players included. Since i already run into performance issues when having more than 30 players in one place i think its a bad idea to add bots. Firing bot defenders also require a script that controls them.


I have other plans regarding bots but i doubt i can realize them at the moment because of the bad Performance. 

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Mechanics on a spawn point are not a big problem, but imagine a cap defender. He needs to be a real danger but at the same time not OP. And they could fire through collisionless objects (bushes) and what-not... Really never going to happen. Also how should active medics work? I would need to create an AI that actively finds routes on maps to get to players, thats literally impossible. Its really not like "create Ped, set ped walking, done" 

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