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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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-Fixed reload sounds happening even when a player doesnt reload
-Fixed fireworks perk not adding rocket launcher ammo
-Satchel detonator sound does no longer appear when pressing RMB while using any other throwable than satchels
-Corrected 3D model rotation of IZH-43 and Winchester Mod. 21
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to switch vehicle lights while not yet sitting in a vehicle
-Slightly changed aiming reticle when using Rocket launchers
-Fixed an exploit that allowed players to fire more than 1 projectile with rocket launchers
-Fixed an element leak
-Fixed wrong damage calculations for many custom MGs
-Heavy plane MGs (Me 262 and F-86 Sabre) do now less damage against all sorts of Anti-Air vehicles
-Implemented a workaround to fix incredible topspeed of boats when FPS are low
-Limited aircraft engine noise to 290m maximum distance because of sound bugs occuring beyond that
-Fixed: Respawned landing boats could not attach vehicles to them - which made it impossible to win on maps where 1 team needs landing boats
-Improved collision model of object #12990

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I pay 30$ for the first developer who gives me a code snippet that adds depth fading to a water shader like SA_directX 2.0 does. 

Something like this doesnt exist in MTA yet, MMGE 3.0 and SA_directX 2.0 water shaders are very far ahead of the simple MTA water shaders.
Objects in water get blended invisible after a few meters like in real life. MTA water is completely transparent or completely opaque...
I know no single way of achieving something similar without killing the performance by using a layer of 20 transparent material3DLines.

Of course the shader effect has to be compatible with any rendering entity in GTA, so it should be applied to the water texture itself - if possible.


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