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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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Hello Community! Today i proudly present you the project I was working on for years: The probably most realistic competitive world war 2 server of all time for MTA! Maybe you remember the Brandenbur

Hi, I am Danya))

some big cats getting rush  


-Fixed reload sounds happening even when a player doesnt reload
-Fixed fireworks perk not adding rocket launcher ammo
-Satchel detonator sound does no longer appear when pressing RMB while using any other throwable than satchels
-Corrected 3D model rotation of IZH-43 and Winchester Mod. 21
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to switch vehicle lights while not yet sitting in a vehicle
-Slightly changed aiming reticle when using Rocket launchers
-Fixed an exploit that allowed players to fire more than 1 projectile with rocket launchers
-Fixed an element leak
-Fixed wrong damage calculations for many custom MGs
-Heavy plane MGs (Me 262 and F-86 Sabre) do now less damage against all sorts of Anti-Air vehicles
-Implemented a workaround to fix incredible topspeed of boats when FPS are low
-Limited aircraft engine noise to 290m maximum distance because of sound bugs occuring beyond that
-Fixed: Respawned landing boats could not attach vehicles to them - which made it impossible to win on maps where 1 team needs landing boats
-Improved collision model of object #12990

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hey ein

i have a suggestion

can you made a   Flare Gun with a strong guns you can chose like PUBG Drop 

iam pubg mobile player now

but i will back to saaw so soon


صÙرة ذات صÙØ©





maybe you can made a something like battleground mode? :D 

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I don't think you can drop weapons with a flare gun. Its ok for ammos but guns are hard to do i think.

@Einheit-101 Maybe you can add that to Officer or Radio Operator (maybe both) to call ammo drop from sky ?  Via binoculars. Can make it work like Off-Map Artillery. (Off-Map Drop or smthng)

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I also found a bug where if you get Auto Balanced, your shop won't change to the team you've been switched to. It will stay in the team base where the player was before getting switched, making it hard for them to buy equipments and ammos

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I pay 30$ for the first developer who gives me a code snippet that adds depth fading to a water shader like SA_directX 2.0 does. 

Something like this doesnt exist in MTA yet, MMGE 3.0 and SA_directX 2.0 water shaders are very far ahead of the simple MTA water shaders.
Objects in water get blended invisible after a few meters like in real life. MTA water is completely transparent or completely opaque...
I know no single way of achieving something similar without killing the performance by using a layer of 20 transparent material3DLines.

Of course the shader effect has to be compatible with any rendering entity in GTA, so it should be applied to the water texture itself - if possible.


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