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After the Lagoon's release. Can you make a new gamemode ? I really want [OPERATION] to be added.

[OPERATION]: Simple, but you need to do this on most popular battles in WW2. Tank,Ship,Plane everything will be in it. (Can you make Airships btw ?) Example, ARMY will defend the position A,B,C for a limited score. WEHRMACHT will start from like 500 or 300 score and needs to capture all points before it ends. (5 score will be gone in like 5 sec you decide) If they do capture all of them. They will earn some Score boost. But if they fail. They can try it like 2 or 1 time again. When all points captured new points and map will get longer and end in some point. (you decide) If Wehrmacht fails capturing the fronts with 300 score x2 try. They will lose and votemap. 

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This base Mode is theoretically easy to add, but it needs fitting maps. It would be like an outpost and as soon as it gets captured, it explodes or something and gets wiped out from the map. My time is still limited tho

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