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Patch to fix "Disconnected: Suspected Trainer Usage" bug??


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Yea it would be cool... hmm.. no. GREAT!!! if you'd make a patch that fixes the "Disconnected: Suspected Trainer Usage" bug everytime you start an online game...

cuz i just CANT stand this... :shock: it happens everytime after my first game...

i mean, i gotta reinstall MTA each time i change server or juste close mta, cuz the bug comes back...

plz... make something..

or just maybe tell me how to fix that shitt cuz the only way i know is reinstalling MTA :(

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this topic title SUXX!! every1 thinks that in this topic you can find a patch fixing the bug. change it...

1st: your post SUXX

2nd: Ill not change this title because this topic is in SUGGESTIONS section. and SMART people will understand that THIS is a SUGGESTION.


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flame? lance, don't start a fight that is not even there (let alone be yours). i am just pointing out that the title could be misleading. i know i often come across a tiny bit direct (or just idioticly rude), but i mean no disrespect.

i also am haunted by the suspected trainer bug on various occasions, so i also would like to see it fixed. but the first thing that sprang to mind readin the topic title was "YES! THEY FOUND A FIX!!!"

maybe the title should be "Finding a Fix for the suspected trainer bug"

or "How to fix the .... bla bla ... bug"

so, if i offended the topicstarted, i hereby apologise. :oops:

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  • MTA Team

It should be changed... I did it myself. Now everyone shutup, stop flaming.

On the subject...

are you sure you don't have anything like an internet explorer window open? Maybe IRC? I would suggest closing everything thats not absolutely necessary to your computer to make sure MTA is not the problem itself.

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  • MTA Team

Well thats like the #1 cause... you should try uninstalling GTAVC. Sorry I don't know much about the new server history thing and such, but it could be a bug in that.

I'm not sure if this still happens but theres a file in c:/ thats usually not uninstalled with mta.

Get rid of any files with "mta" (1 or 2) in c:/

You may also want to do a control+F find in regedit (goto by typing in "regedit" in run). If you don't know how to use this you probably shouldn't try. But if nothing else is working, do that, bring up the find box, and type in MTA. See if you get anything. If you do post again. Just do not attempt to change anything if you don't know how to use it because you can render programs unusable or do worse damage to your computer.

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