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MTA Crashing



So when i join A MTA DayZ server it takes some time to join and when i play for like 10 min its crashes with this dialog!

Version = 1.5.2-release-7973.3.000

Time = Wed Apr 27 16:54:05 2016

Module = D:\MTA\proxy_sa.exe

Code = 0xC0000005

Offset = 0x003C91CC

EAX=16E0B5E8 EBX=16E0B5D8 ECX=0177FAA0 EDX=00170490 ESI=00000000

EDI=00000001 EBP=0177FC50 ESP=0177FA80 EIP=007C91CC FLG=00010202

CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000

please help!

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Version = 1.5.2-release-8011.0.000

Time = Tue Jun 07 14:53:51 2016

Module = C:\Program Files\rockstar games\GTA San Andreas 2\proxy_sa.exe

Code = 0xC0000005

Offset = 0x003C91CC

EAX=12D8EAC8 EBX=12D8EAB8 ECX=0022FAA8 EDX=00132168 ESI=00000000

EDI=00000001 EBP=0022FC58 ESP=0022FA88 EIP=007C91CC FLG=00010202

CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000

my too

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Just replying for the record: this crash (offset 0x003C91CC) is caused by being out of Video memory.

Source: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Famous_crash_offsets_and_their_meaning

It means your GPU (videocard) is too weak for the server that you're playing on. Some servers are very unoptimized, with many high-quality textures and high-poly models, besides inefficient client-side scripts that abuse video memory with render related stuff.

To solve, buy a better GPU (with more memory and better general specs) or play on different servers, that really do care about optimization. Anything beyond this is a complicated story, but we can sum it up: MTA is a powerful game engine, giving a lot of power to server owners/scripters to quite literally "mess up" by adding all kinds of stuff and mods to their server because it looks cool, but without the required skills to make sure they are acceptable for such an old game (GTA:SA) and the average MTA player's PC specifications.

Note: if you are getting this crash even on servers that for sure aren't (heavily) modded, like all servers including a "Default MTA Server" that is as lightweight as you can imagine, then your GPU is really plain unsuitable for a game like GTA: San Andreas to begin with. Then you need to consider upgrading to a more modern PC.


Back to the recommendations:

You can also try lowering your video settings: FX quality to Low, reduce the resolution etc. Then also go to settings > advanced and put the slider to Maximum video memory to use.

"Wow, hold on, I have a gaming GPU with lots of video memory.. this can't be true"

Also, we would like to inform you that if you have a powerful PC and a good gaming video card, it doesn't mean you cannot experience this crash. You might be able to play for longer the more powerful your PC/GPU is, but can inevitably crash after say, 20 or 40 minutes. That is because some servers messed up big time (as described earlier in this post) and are so unoptimized that they started hitting GTA's technical limits of memory allocation and rendering. It's often a combination of unoptimized, bloated mods (e.g cars, weapons, buildings, skins) and video memory-abusing client scripts, written by scripters that don't know optimization and only care about their script working. Note that even a single line of script can cause this crash, like a huge mistake rendering something or a dx texture in a loop. So, there is always potential for such bad scripts to exaberate or cause this problem.

Contact the server owner, they are in the wrong (but often they won't believe it, or it's not their priority). We at MTA always hope they realize, and hire the right scripters & modellers that know how to solve it.

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