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2nd Stunt Vid


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Well since it is your second stunt vid, i go easy and point out some stuff:

-VERY bad camera angels, Barely could n't see some of them

-There where only 5 or more "Good" stunts

-Bad quality

-No music sycning


-Don't use ingame huds , turn them off

-Sync some of the music to the stunts

-Don't stunt in the dark or fog

There is so much but keep trying. Oh watch out for Nosgoth he will be worst.... :roll:

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this vid....Sucked with a capital S

if you're wondering why:

- you used mods

- bad cam angles

- you failed 25% of the stunts

- 70% of the stunts were pure crap

- 4% of the stunts have been repeated

- 1% of the stunts was good

- music not synced with the stunts (one of the most easiest things to do while editing)

so go learn stunting and then make a vid

good job though on doing what i tried to do a little time ago


- Its my first movie

topic says different

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it seems the topicstarter didn't really enjoy all these wonderful comments on how to improve his skills, so he removed the movie. well, lets be proud we scared another beginning stunter away... :(

PS: good thing my skin is thick, caus the response to my 1st 2 vids was somewhat like this (i agree they sucked, but at that time, it was the best i could do, i had to learn1!!!!!!)

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learn stunting? thats coming from you mad_boy? L M F A O

I'd like to point you to MAD_BOY's video that he released recently, that he spent less than one day on, yet is still better than this :?


how the hel did you do all that?!?!?!? If thats crap whats excellent!!!!! Cos that was WACK!!!! (in a good way)

Can some1 please teach me how to do stunting!! COZ U GUYS R ACE!!! How long have you been practising??

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i'm not jelous at all, i'm simply telling the truth, if i was jelous then i edited your nick a long time ago

and eh...i'm not the only one not liking it

god, people even seem to like my movie more than yours

Omg maybe thats because i am a rookie and you are doing at already very long...

So what?


Don't wanna say much but i think that i was first whit that name on forumz!

Ive got it since 3 years ago...


Jezus...If you hate me just say...!

oh, so that's why you registered under the nick T!me first, cause you always use this nick

you need better material to convince me

oh and eh..., i don't stunt for long at all, better yet, i almost never stunt

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