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Steering wheel/Rumble Support

Guest Reaves_42

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Only got MTA the other day and have to say great job.

My only problem is that I use the Toca Rumble & Analogic Mapper programs so I can use the foot pedals on my wheel. But with MTA .5 it is not compatible. I noticed on the launcher it supports MTA .3 and was wondering why the newer version would cause the program not to work.

I suppose my suggestion would be to have the next version/update to be compatible with the mapper if it is possible, as apparently there will not be another version of the Toca program.

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I think its probably seen as a trainer/mod. I think the name has to be changed or something like that. They did it with cam hack and it worked.

its not only the name of the app, i suppose you will have to give a dev a dl link for the tool so they can allow it in the next release of mta

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