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MTA:mA:GRS v4.0 released


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MTA:mA:GRS version 4.0 has been released. MTA:mA:GRS is a set of MTA:mA scripts you can run on your MTA 0.5 server that provide useful functionality, including global statistics reporting - so you can see how you compare to other players on any server running MTA:mA:GRS.

You can read the MTA:mA:GRS 4.0 manual here and download it here.

You can view the MTA:mA:GRS stats at http://www.mta-stats.com.

MTA:mA:GRS is only for server admins, and is entirely optional. MTA:mA for MTA 0.5 is required.

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we have found a problem in the GRS Server program.. so it has been temprarily taken offline. It should be back in a few hours once we have fixed it all up.

In the mean time no GRS Clients will be able to connect to the server. There is an auto recon feature in GRS, so when the server is activated you shouldnt have to worry about reconnecting :)

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I was browsing through the site and realised that this would be a great tool for the devs to use in order to gauge the imbalances in the game. For instance, at the time of writing, the Stubby Shotgun dominates (no surprises there) with 49.7% with the M60 in second place with a mere 14.5%. Everything else has less than 6%.

I did notice a small bug though:

Weapon stats: Stubby Shotgun

Weapon stats for Stubby Shotgun

Game mode GTA3

Number of kills 21517

% use 49.701

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yes this was known before release.. but we decided to release and fix it after (ie today). Its cos it was written in 0.4.1 and then the 0.5 game mdoes screwed it up on the weapons basically.

Itll be fixed soon.

Also.. like 40,000 kills in that database are from 0.4.1, so bear that in mind ;)

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ok u can disable ure nickserv in the /menu

Due to the way we programmed GRS, you cannot run gstats on 1 server from more than 1 grs client at one time.. the server wont allow it. So u dont have to worry.

IE: if ure connected with gstats.. then nutz turns his on, itll tell him there is another grs running and wont accept stats from his. Then u turn ures off.. and his will immediately take over from ures and start accepting stats. Its basically a queue system we put in place.

Ure other scripts will work fine if gstats is disabled btw

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I dont know about the other dudes but the whole idea of u been connected to other site while gaming is kinda scary i think its unsafe and a hackers backdoor into the pc so i dont know if i will ever use olis script ..can oli provide that its hackers prooff and is totally safe to use ? i kinda dont like the cleint either 0.5 cause its connected to this site everytime it starts and it spookes me ooh yaa i saw boggyman too but that movie sucks really bad movie nothing much in it The Ring was better .

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The only way to protect against hackers is to unplug your modem completely. It's also a good way to prevent you from putting your foot in your mouth on forums.

P.S. I love this guy. He's the stereotypical Daily Mail reader.

P.P.S. Your IP address is stored on this forum so you are just as much at risk here as you are with Oli's script.

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