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some bugs i've found...

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maybe somone has seen it before....anyway

1: sometimes i can't see some of other users

2: sometimes usually next the spawn at the stadium i can't get in the car....i have to jump nd then retry to get in

3: sometimes the clacson keeps dooin that f****n' "BiiiiiiiiiiiiiP" :D i hate it!!!

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I only ever get that when "Sticky keys" decides to kick in .. also i cant fly choppers when that happens! :evil:

lol, thats what you get for leaning on the horn :P

in gta3 the horn isnt synced, so you have no one to blame but yourself if that happens in gta3. In vc it usually happens if someone gets jacked/disconnected/crashes while holding the horn. Blowing up the offending vehicle is a good solution.

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