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GTA3:MTA joyride


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oi, this is my first video i've done for mta, acctualy my first vid ever, and im pretty pleased with the result.


its a 7mb wmv, and fairly good quality. i would of used divx, but i had a hard time getting it to look decent.

hope every one enjoys it as much as i did making it. also i forgot to add that the song is called joy ride, forgot who made it tho, cheers to them :D

I used vegas video from sony to complie and render the vid, and audacity for the audio.

cheers marcel

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Vegas 5 and Audacity are kickass did u add any MP3 in the background.

But knowing me I usually render the video and put the mp3 in etc and then i change the format from video to flash. Flash is better coz it is more compressed so people can view your content faster :wink:

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I ripped the wave from the gta3 play cd, and changed a few parts of it, like adding my voice ;) then put it into vegas as a wav, easier to put the whole vid together with the music and the actual clips, imo anyway. Might try flash next time, its been my experience that flash bloats it to much, but that was awhile ago. Maybe next time i'll make a huge flashing button, that says "CLICK MEH" :P anyways im at school so i should get back to work :P

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well for tutorials for vegas 5, i just did a search on google for "sony vegas 5 tutorials" and found some free tutorials. So you might wanna give those a shot. As for the capturing with vegas i dont know, i used fraps. For the stills that i used like the "MTA" and "0.5" i just used a jpeg and added it as a video clip, and adjusted the time. Those 2 forum post that rebel posted are very usefull, and most of the concepts can be applied to other software.


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uh can't you delete the entire program and install fresh then..?

I remember Callidus, heya :P

Hey mate, no aint that easy... i have uninstalled, deleted all files on my comp related to fraps, even in the registry yet it still dont work! on another forum somebody emailed the fraps guy and they dont know what the bug is... the only solution is to go back to the latest version. Which i dont want to do, i wish to use the older!

Damn this is doing my head in.

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